20 Flawlessly Recreated Childhood Photos That’ll Make You Laugh.


Childhood photos are a treasure. These images capture the moments of everyday life like eating, playing, holding a newborn sibling, or simply taking a bath. It is the moments that seem inconsequential that when you look back, you can't help but be nostalgic.

Everyone tells you to enjoy your kids as time flies way too quickly, before you know it they are grown adults. Kids may grow up to have full beards, with kids of their own but they never quite lose that silly, quirky personality. It sometimes gets hidden in the world of adulthood.

These very overgrown children wanted to remind their parents just how far they have come, by recreating some endearing, cute photographs. It goes to show, even if you are a grown-up, you will always be a baby in your parents' eyes.

#1. Matthew and James Houghton were scratching their heads, trying to figure out what to get their parents for an anniversary gift. They chose to recreate childhood photos as grown men.

The brothers actually dyed the tiles in green food colouring to match the original shower.

#2. They had to improvise with what was available.

Somehow fitting in the box is not as easy.

#3. This included pictures without clothes, they stayed true to their art.

Showing of his tush and now the tattoos.

#4. As for their parents' reaction Matthew shared, "Laughter, tears…they loved it!"

Not sure what the wizard hats, fangs, and clown face are supposed to be.

#5. They didn't clarify as to whether or not they remembered how to play the instruments or if they were just faking it.

At least the classes paid off.

#6. Let's hope this big kid is no longer sucking his thumb.

His art looks the same.

#7. A busy house of three boys and one girl.

The sister is thinking she needs to keep the trio in line, even into adulthood.

#8. Father and son re-creation. Although this papa looks as tired now as he did then.

Is that the same sweater?

#9. Brotherly love is the best kind of love.

Let's hope this doesn't turn into a quarrel right after.

#10. She had no idea her baby brother was going to be bigger than her.

She's still big sis' in charge!

#11. Those cute cowboys never lost their mischievous smiles.

The sister's hard hat got replaced with a red touque.

#12. An adult that can still suck his big toes is very flexible indeed.

No detail was missed. Check out the makeshift seat belt.

#13. After all these years, he still has a hard time putting on his shirt.

Good thing his mama is still there to help.

#14. The upside down t-shirt was funny then.

It's still pretty funny now.

#15. It's so hard not to get spaghetti sauce all over your face when it's so good.

Some things never change.

#16. This family always wanted to be an acrobatic team.

They are training hard at it, even today.

#17. Who knew his legs were going to get so long?

He must have the most beautifully smelling feet since none of the siblings seem to be complaining.

#18. Bath time with siblings is always filled with fun.

You don't have to hold your nose anymore.

#19. Their parents really need to get them new beds.

They are still as cute as ever.

#20. The height difference was quite obvious in the first one.

The second one, everyone grew up to be about the same size.

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