22 Inspiring Interiors That Will Give You Room Envy.


For those of us who can't afford an interior designer, or a luxurious home, we offer you these nifty looking interiors, furnishings, and architectural hacks. Who knows, some of these images might inspire you to make a change! While some of the images might seem a little out there, most of them can totally give your home decor that feng shui it so desperately needs. Clearly, these folks had plenty of time on their hands to turn something basic into something more complex, but it so works, and after you're done taking a look at these photos, you'll be wanting to call them right up and asking them how they did it.

#1. You don't need to dream about flying when you're laying on a suspended bed under a skylight.

#2. One perk of living in a clock tower penthouse is that you'll never have to check the time again.

#3. How about this "suite" view from a bathroom with an octagonal window from the Presidential Suite at the Singapore Ritz-Carlton Hotel?

#4. You'll never feel out of place or cluttered in this 420-foot apartment which has everything you'll ever need.

#5. This spacious living room is located in Nova Lima, Brazil, giving us decor envy. . Who need a living room with one Eames lounger when you can have two?

#6. Electricity, water, and everything else. This tree house in South Carolina by Anderson Studio is what dreams are made of.

#7. This amazeballs, two-level duplex in Mexico city, Mexico is pure perfection. Clean, spacious, and well lit.

#8. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, unless you live in Santambrogio Milano's creation.

#9. This Richmond, VA-based bachelor pad is probably home to many many parties, and drunken nights.

#10. If you had to take a trip up or down the stairs, you'd definitely want to do it in a set of suspended ones in this house in Estoril, Portugal.

#11. How would you like to spend some time warming up in a Colorado treehouse, which has a cozy loft on top to sleep in?

#12. You'll feel like you've moved through the pearly gates in this all-white kitchen that's so heavenly.

#13. We certainly wouldn't mind staying in the attic if our bedroom looked like this apartment in Sopot, Poland.

#14. This stunning room in Toluca, Mexico looks like a scene right out of "Silent Hill."

#15. Jumping out of bed will feel like a ski-jump with this observation deck-style bedroom in Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo, Norway.

#16. Being a couch potato in this awesome living room would be lovely if you had a clear view of the Nova Scotian coastline.

#17. This apartment in Stockholm, Sweden is a one-bedroom modern European gem and offers the illusion of open living.

#18. You won't have to beg twice to get your kids to come down for dinner in this glass-enclosed dining area with a fabulous ocean view in Amchit, Lebanon.

#19. We just love the way Luri Ylonen designed this living room together with the simplicity of Scandinavian architecture.

#20. Who needs an alarm clock when you can wake up in this wooden loft with the sun shining through that brilliantly designed window?

#21. Nothing says clean and contemporary like this UK home's modernized kitchen and dining area.

#22. You can feel like a Kardashian in this Blue Jay Residence in Hollywood Hills, and the view is to die for.

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