30 Times Kids Realized Their Parents Were Cooler Than They'll Ever Be.


There comes a time in our adult lives when we realize that our parents are way cooler than we gave them credit for growing up. Sometimes, we find that our impeccable taste of music comes from the people that raised us. We understand that we got our sense of fashion from our mothers. Our love for trying new foods can be blamed on our parents making us try everything that was on our plates. And sometimes, if you’re one of the lucky ones, pictures from your parents pre-children past find their way out of old boxes. If you’re fortunate enough to see those pictures, a few things could happen. You’ll laugh at the old hairstyles, and their wacky sense of fashion, or you’ll realize that your mom was someone you’d hang out with, and your dad was the coolest guy in school. Either way, it’s a fun trip down memory lane and you’ll definitely appreciate seeing a different side of your parents.

#1. My Mom At 16 Yrs Old With Her Camaro In 1975

#2. My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot In California In 1974

#3. My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School 1982. I Think He Was Cooler Than Me

#4. A Friend Of My Father's, Telling Off A Klan Member. Auburn AL,1985

#5. My Dad Being Infinitely Cooler Than I'll Ever Be, 1980

#6. My Dad, Taken For Surfer Magazine. Peru, 1977

#7. Late 1960's, My Dad

#8. My Cool AF Dad At 19, 1973

#9. My Dad Wasn't Famous, But His Moves Were Pretty Cool, 1977

#10. My Mom In Moscow 1975. From All The Stories She's Told Me About Her Travels, I Wouldn't Be Surprised If She Was A Spy

#11. My Dad In The 70's Doing What He Loves. Father To 4 Boys. More Man Than Myth Or Legend

#12. My Dad Teaching Math In Southern California (Late 70's/Early 80's)

#13. My Mom Bought A New '63 Corvette On Her Own At Age 20. She Owned Her Own Hair Salon In Midland, Tx

My Mom Bought A New '63 Corvette On Her Own At Age 20. She Owned Her Own Hair Salon In Midland, Tx

#14. My Moms Selfie Before It Was Cool,1989

#15. So I Was Going Through Some Old Photos And I Found This. My Dad Holding Magic Johnson And Looking Incredibly Bad-Ass While Doing It

#16. My Mom And Dad On Their Wedding Day, 1980

#17. My Dad And His Pet Monkey In Vietnam, 1966

#18. 48 Beers And A Unicycle. My Dad In The Early 80s

#19. Mom's 'Garden' 1980's

#20. My Mom Working At Nasa, 1974

#21. Mom Wasn't The Pilot, But She Was A Tech On The F-4 Phantom Back In The 80's

#22. My Mom Thinks She Is So Hardcore In Her Fleetwood Mac Tank Top At Age 18, 1982

#23. My Dear Mom In The 70s With Her German Shepard And Manta

#24. My Dad And Uncle At Their Joint Wedding, 1970's

#25. Dad In 1969. I'd Love To Know How This Happened

#26. My hip parents in the 1970's

#27. My grandfather, circa 1960

#28. My Mom winning a Fender Stratocaster signed by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck, 1989

#29. My dad's fraternity, circa 1955

#30. My Dad At Marching Band Practice, 1985

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