30 Times Pets Brought Their Humans The Most Unexpected Gifts.


Unless you own a parrot, your pets can't talk, so they have no way of verbally expressing their gratitude, or how much they really love you. But you certainly don't need a voice to express gratitude, which is why these pets found the most unusual and in some cases, thoughtful gifts to give to their owners. Alright, so maybe some of the gifts will make you wish you could ask for a gift receipt, but these animals certainly meant well by presenting these unusual presents. So here are some of the funniest and cringeworthy gifts that proved these pets adored their human companions.

#1. How about a flower for a beautiful flower? Now that's how you romance your owner.

We’d love to receive a flower from an adorable pooch like this one, and look! He seems so pleased with the gift in his mouth. It’s like he knows that this will score him some brownie points.

#2. Some dogs are a real riot, so their idea of a present involves something toothy.

This dog found some dentures that belonged to a previous owner of the house and decided to show them off to her master, but not before modeling them. Looks rather good on her, don’t you think?

Some dogs are a real riot, so their idea of a present involves something toothy.

Lucas Alves Magalhães

#3. What's the point of having a garden if you can't pick out those beautiful flowers?

This kitty certainly thought so, so he went on a flower hunting adventure to find the best flower for his owner. But why stop with one when you can bring your owner a whole bunch of flowers. How romantic!

#4. Some gifts can be downright dirty, but it's not like he could have gone to Neiman Marcus.

We wish we had a dog this cute who would be willing to pick some of the lawn with its jaws and present it to us. And those eyes… who could refuse a mouthful of weeds?

#5. If there was ever a food crisis, you'd certainly want this dog on your side.

But she might need to see an optometrist, because potato and a ball are worlds apart. Maybe she just wanted her owner to make her some French fries for lunch.

#6. How about a rose for a beautiful rose? Gentlemen, take notes!

See? Not all guys are dogs! Some will bring you a flower to remind you that you’re so special to them. Now if only you can teach him to fetch you a bottle of wine and some chocolates, you’d be in business.

#7. Some dogs feel like the best presents are a new addition to the proverbial nest.

That’s why one dog kit-napped this little one and brought him to his owner. At least it’s a cute kitty, and no harm came to it. Now that’s how you adopt a cat!

#8. What's there not to love about this cat who will never let you go hungry.

He didn’t just find this off the shelves of a supermarket. He actually went into a neighbor’s yard and stole that sausage from them while they were barbecuing. Now send him back to steal you a beer.

#9. Your co-workers might want you to leave, but this dog wants you to stay.

For the person who was fortunate enough to work at an office where dogs are allowed, they found one creature who was actually sad to see them leave. See? The pooch is even trying to get them to stay by bringing them all of its toys.

#10. Zoey is absolutely in love with this pillow, but does she love you back?

While she won’t let you touch it, if she likes you, she will bring it out to you and allow you the honor of looking at it. Ain’t she a sweetie? Just don’t touch her pillow, cause kindness will only get you so far.

#11. This kitty must think you're some kind of Egyptian god or goddess.

As a way of thanking you for feeding it, taking it to the vet, and petting it, it has decided to bring you some sacrifices in the form of two beetles. Aw, how… sweet!

This kitty must think you're some kind of Egyptian god or goddess.

#12. Not all cats have what it takes to be skilled hunters, but you have to give them kudos for trying.

This kitty decided to bring his owner a dried leaf instead of a creature, living or otherwise. Maybe he’s a vegetarian cat. At least he tried, so points for effort.

#13. Any dog that's willing to gift you money is a definite keeper!

Let’s just hope that this bill came from someone else’s wallet, and not your own. It’d be a sad thing to realize that your wife, your kids, and now your dog is stealing from you.

#14. This dog wanted to contribute to the new baby in the family.

Since he couldn’t exactly go out and buy something nice for his owner, who had just given birth, he decided to find a pacifier for the baby. Thank you for saving mommy’s sanity. What a little hero you are!

#15. The best thing about cats is that they keep the pest population under control.

But not every cat is cut out to be a hunter, but they’re clever enough to try and pull the wool over your eyes and present you with a toy mouse every morning, claiming that they’re doing a great job.

#16. When you throw a ball, you never know what you're going to get back.

This dog owner certainly didn’t expect to find this turtle in his dog’s mouth, and while the little guy doesn’t look like he was harmed, he certainly doesn’t look very amused either.

#17. This is why you should never watch "Bambie" with your pets in the living room.

If you tell them you love the movie, they’ll go out and grab a live one for you. But somehow, this may very well be one of the best presents anyone has ever gotten someone.

#18. Too bad some cats aren't as wise as this owl when it comes to hunting.

If the cat had been wise, it would have realized that the dead bird they brought back as a present, still had a heartbeat. Well, at least now you have a feather baby and a fur ball.

#19. Hey, guess what, human? You dropped this under the table!

Oh, that silly dog! He thought he was doing you a favor by picking up that broccoli from under the table. Too bad he didn’t realize that you had intentionally dropped it so you didn’t have to eat it.

#20. This golden retriever just loves to greet his guests with gifts.

She’ll find anything she can get her jaws on, grab it and drag it across the house or pick it up, even if it’s a shoe, a toy, or an entire doggy bed. Now isn’t that thoughtful?

#21. While some cats bring animals to their owners, this one brought something a bit more interesting.

The great thing about this gift is that if this kitty found it under your bed, you can always tell your significant other that the cat must have dragged it in from a neighbor’s house.

#22. Some dogs aren't interested in giving you gifts, but they do want to be helpful.

Check out this dog who always brings stuff out of his owner’s toolbox and gives it to him in case he needs it. Fortunately, tape is always needed when you’re working on a project.

#23. This dog may not be your wing man, but at least he's saving you from making a mistake.

How thoughtful of him to ensure that you’re being safe before you go out on your date tonight. Maybe he got his owner this gift to shy away from the fact that he’s been rolling in the mud.

#24. Some cats don't really know what humans find valuable.

So this kitty decided to start by bringing home sponges, and according to its owner, it hasn’t stopped bringing them since. At least now you have no excuses about cleaning the house.

#25. This doggy wants to provide his owner with a public service announcement.

He wants them to remember to eat their veggies, so it went out into some random neighbor’s garden and stole a cucumber from them. But if he gets caught he’ll be in a bit of a pickle!

#26. This kitty is bringing home some interestingly toxic gifts.

Okay, so it’s just a garter snake, which are harmless, but the eek factor is so high that it’s difficult to be gracious under this kind of pressure.

#27. This dog was lost, but then someone decided to help him find his way back home.

As a thank you, the dog brought the kind stranger a ducky. Now if only people could learn to be as grateful as our four-legged friend here, the world will be a better place.

#28. Cats don't often know when your birthday is, so it can be a hit or miss.

When this woman started feeding this stray cat, it felt like it owed her a favor, so regardless of when her real birthday way, it brought her a birthday balloon.

#29. Some dogs find the most unusual objects to put in their mouths when they welcome you home.

Check out this pooch who thought it would be a good idea to stand by the door with this boot in its mouth. We sure hope it wasn’t stinky. Then again, its other choices aren’t any better.

#31. This dog is so excited about the gift he's just presented his owner.

It’s a baby rabbit, which the pooch apparent found in the morning, and he seems so happy. Just look at his eyes. It’s like he’s asking, “can we keep him, can we?”

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