All These Pigs Ever Knew Was Confinement And Abuse, But Check Them Out Now!


It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have never been outside or experienced the sun on your face.

Even if you’re the biggest couch potato, you’ve got to leave the house to go places like the grocery store or the post office. But what if you had never been outside in your entire life?

That’s what sometimes happens to animals who have been abused and kept confined in crates. For a family of pigs that had never seen the sun, their newfound freedom is incredible.

At first, almost everyone is a little hesitant to poke their heads out of the barn.

But once they realize they have room to run, momma leads the way.

And then the piglets let loose. Look at them run!

Watch them really let loose and hear more about their story in the video below.


Youtube / Viva UK

This is basically the best thing I’ve seen all day. No animal should ever have to suffer the way these pigs have. I’m so glad they’re happy now.

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