Artist With Vitiligo Created The Most Beautiful Line Of Dolls That Accurately Represent Black Beauty.


People living with vitiligo often deal with being pointed at, stared at, and sadly, even made fun of. The disease blotches on your skin when the cells that pigment die off. Thankfully, models like Winnie Harlow, who suffers from the disease, is helping those with vitiligo embrace their unique beauty. Now, an artist has found a new way to give people who suffer from this condition a boost of confidence. Kay Black created some dolls with various blotch patterns similar to vitiligo so that women and little girls can take pride in how they look and never shy away.

Kay black was so inspired by people with vitiligo that she chose to do something creative.

Also known as Kay Customz, Kay gave her dolls a makeover by painting their skin to look like vitiligo patterns from real people who suffer from this condition.

Kay believes that dolls tend to influence how kids see themselves.

In most cases, it also influences how they see others and how they define beauty, which is why she designed and now sells these dolls with the pigmentation illness.

Since Winnie Harlow, a vitiligo-stricken model came into the spotlight, people changed their tune.

Winnie has suffered from vitiligo since the age of 4. Growing up with dying skin cells responsible for pigmentation resulted in her being bullied and called names like “cow.” But years later she wound up a contestant on Americas’ Next Top Model. Take that, haters!

Naturally, Kay was inspired by Winnie's struggles and heartache when she designed the dolls.

Since Winnie redefined the way we look at beauty, Kay felt that it was only fair that a doll be designed based on her individual blotches, and all we can say is that plastic Winnie is just as beautiful as the real thing.

You can actually request to have one of these dolls made just for you.

The dolls are made of porcelain and take a few days for Kay to give them the appearance that the customer has requested. But you’ll have to fork over $64 to $150 to own one.

Little girls who suffer from vitiligo will finally get to see a doll that represents them.

The thought of making girls who have vitiligo feel better makes the Kansas resident very happy. After all, she knows that while Barbie dolls are pretty, they’re also pretty flawless and doesn’t always embrace every look.

From her online store, you can make just about any request within reason.

Kay even offers a wide array of natural hairstyles that you can request for your vitiligo doll. As far as the markings are concerned, Black will sometimes make some in the shape of Africa. Otherwise, she’ll just freestyle the blotches.

The body positive message Kay provided has quickly won people on social media over.

Now everyone wants one and Kay hopes that other dollmakers will consider doing the same as this will help people with this condition feel better about their appearances.

The body positive message Kay provided has quickly won people on social media over.

The vitiligo dolls are just like all other dolls you'd buy for your little girls.

They wear smoky eye makeup and clothing that is totally trendy. The only noticeable difference just so happens to be in the blotches on their hands, arms, and face.

Kay Customs created realistic-looking representations of black beauty.

Best of all? You can select the texture and shape of your dolly’s hair from a wide array of options, because we all know beauty isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

Kay is certainly someone who should be commended for showing girls with vitiligo the love they deserve.

With these inclusive and lovely dolls, kids everywhere will be able to play with a doll that resembles their own natural beauty.

Kay Custom's dolls are the beautiful creation our generation of children needed.

Gone are the days when Barbie was the only option available to children. Since designers and creators have started experimenting with inclusionary lines of dolls, we’ve seen lovely creations such as Lammily, a doll that looks like a regular-sized girl that comes with all kinds of marks a normal kid would get, such as stretch marks, bruises, freckles and acne. Now, thanks to Kay Customs, the market keeps expanding, and our children can finally play with a doll that’s just as beautiful as they are.


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