Batboy Performs Choreographed Handshake With Baseball Player During Game

If you’re heading to a baseball game this summer you’ll probably notice your favorite team exchanging high fives with each other whenever they score a run.

After all, there is no “I” in “team,” and having good sportsmanship and showing a sense of unity with your fellow players on the field is just as important as how well a player performs.

Proving that every person in the dugout is an important part of the team, outfielder Aaron Maher of the East Tennessee State University Buccaneers has a totally different routine when he scores a run — and it involves the team’s pint-sized batboy.

As you’ll see in the adorable video below, Aaron heads right over to the batboy to perform their choreographed handshake, which involves Aaron tossing the boy into the air and catching him. Talk about trust!

This is definitely going to be something the batboy remembers forever!

The duo has clearly practiced this epic handshake dozens of times, as they seamlessly perform the nine-second routine with smiles on their faces.

Fans and commenters alike adore how great of a role model Aaron is for the aspiring little baseball player. It’s great to see the older kids let little ones join in on the team’s success.

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Video credit: The Southern Conference



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