Camera Captures Test Pilot’s Takeoff, But Seconds Later His Plane Is Almost Vertical In The Sky

Logically, I know that flying is so much safer than driving a car on the highway. My brain knows the facts, but my heart doesn’t.

As nerve-wracking as a flight can be, it should make passengers more comfortable to know just how capable trained pilots are, and how durable the aircrafts actually are.

And if there is one video that simultaneously proves both, it’s the one below, which shows a plane taking off in quite an unexpected way.

Keep in mind that, other than the test pilot, there no people were on board to experience this amazing feat.

Takeoff is typically a gradual process, with the airplane slowly lifting itself up into the air at a reasonable incline. But when this test pilot takes his craft into the sky, it is anything but reasonable — and it is certainly not gradual.

This ascent into the sky is almost like that of a rocket; it’s just about completely vertical takeoff.

While for me (someone who is terrified of flying), this is scary footage to watch, it does indeed comfort me to know how tough pilots and airplanes can be.

This impressive feat really is jaw-dropping. Who knew that planes could even do this? I certainly didn’t!

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