Cher Is Sending Over 180,000 Bottles of Clean Water to Flint During Lead Poisoning Crisis: ‘This Is a Tragedy of Staggering Proportion’

Starting Monday, more than 180,000 containers of clean water will be trucked into Flint, Michigan – kindness of Cher – to soothe the city in the midst of a government crisis over the polluted water it had been channeling to its occupants.

The pop symbol, who is banding together on this anticipate with Icelandic Global, reported the gift Saturday in a public statement.

The water will touch base at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan on Wednesday, as indicated by the discharge, and the bank “will instantly start the dispersion procedure to the individuals who need it most to drink, cooking and washing.”

“The water will go specifically to group focuses, sustenance banks and fire houses centering in on low wage lodging ranges,” as per the discharge.

“This is a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country,” Cher said in the release, adding, “I cannot wait for the water to get there to help these people who have been poisoned.”

On Saturday, President Barack Obama declared a federal emergency in Flint, sending $5 million in federal aid in support of a solution to the crisis, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The Michigan state government had also asked Obama to declare a disaster, though the administration declined, as federal law does not allow man-made catastrophes to be considered “disasters,” according to the Free Press.

Experts say the tap water in Flint became contaminated after the city, in a cost-cutting move, temporarily switched its water source to the Flint River,according to CNN.

A far more corrosive source, which was not treated properly as it flowed through the city’s service lines, the Flint River leached lead from the pipes that poured it into people’s homes, according to CNN.

A number of children in the city have already suffered lead poisoning, whose effects from exposure are irreversible.



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