City Plans To Tear Down Old Opera House, So He Buys It To Transform It

I have always been fascinated by abandoned places. These forgotten buildings and landscapes have such stories to tell. Within the rubble and ruins there is history, and there are secrets, dreams, and, potentially, hope for the future.

The House of Wills in Cleveland, Ohio, is one such place.

Originally built as a German opera house in 1846, the property was transformed into a funeral home 100 years later — in 1946. The building then suffered as a result of several storms and natural disasters, including one that left it without a roof for five years.

This historic property was set for demolition in 2010. Fortunately, artist Eric Freeman purchased it with the intention of restoring it completely. City officials told him that restoring the property would be impossible, but Freeman replied that he didn’t believe in impossible things.

In spite of the crumbling walls and scattered debris, he saw the building becoming a cornerstone for the entire neighborhood.

Specifically, he envisioned The House of Wills might become a center of community revitalization, thus creating an opportunity for residents to improve their everyday lives.

Watch this video to see how this fascinating project has since come to life. Remember to look beyond the rubble, and to see the potential for new life and growth.

Clearly, The House of Wills is making a comeback — and has a bright new future ahead.

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