Cockatoo Has The Time Of Her Life When Owner Brushes Her White Feathers

When it comes to pampering and grooming time, some pets like the experience more than others.

For this cockatoo named Harley, grooming time is the best time of the day — and she likes to extend it as much as she can!

In the video below, posted on June 16, 2017, Harley is relaxing while her owner brushes through her white feathers. This sweet cockatoo loves being pampered.  Just look at her face!

Her owner continues stroking the bristled brush downward as the patient bird sits perches on the side of a plastic bin.

Soon, Harley’s owner finished grooming time and throw the brush back into the bin. However, the spoiled cockatoo won’t take no for an answer.

She picks the brush up again and holds it in her beak. Next, she hands it over to her owner, hoping she will take it back and continue the  feather brushing session.

Harley the cockatoo enjoys the brush so much, she leans he heads over with delight as her owner gets to each feather on her back. Since she’s standing in front of a mirror, you can really see her having the time of her life from all angles!

Check out the video below to see Harley the cockatoo and her incredible reaction to grooming time, and please SHARE if any of your animals behave like this when hey’re being pampered!



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