Homeless Man Starts Walking Away From Restaurant, Then Mom Says God Told Her To Follow Him

Bonnie Monroe and her son were having dinner together when Bonnie noticed a homeless man asking other people for food.

She saw that everyone ignored him and was hoping he’d come to their table.

When he didn’t, Bonnie watched him walk away. But she felt something tell her to go after him. So, she did just that.

“As I watched him walk away from the restaurant something (God) told me ‘don’t let him get away GO GET HIM’ being obedient I jumped up and chased him down,” Bonnie says.

Bonnie invited the man, named Byron, to eat with them. He was hesitant at first, but eventually, Byron sat down with them and ate.

Bonnie wrote about her experience on her Facebook page and has received tons of praise for her selflessness.

She said along with eating together they danced to some music and had many laughs together.

Keep scrolling down to see Bonnie’s post and all of the positive reactions it has generated.

Mom pays for homeless man's meal

This is Bonnie Maria Monroe. She invited a homeless man to dine with her and her family after God told her to welcome him to their table.

Mom pays for homeless man's meal

Bonnie posted this message on her Facebook page June 11, 2017. At the time this article was written, has already received over 54,000 shares and 13,000 comments.

Bonnie learned that the man’s name was Byron. He initially did not accept her offer to sit with her family to eat. “He was hesitant and kept asking if I wanted him to leave yet my heart sunk,” Bonnie writes. “I made sure he didn’t leave until he was full.”

Bonnie made sure Byron had a good time with her and her family while he joined them. “We ate, laughed, and even danced a little we enjoyed our night together,” she wrote and also shared a video of them dancing.

Mom pays for homeless man's meal

Bonnie’s son, pictured here, also joined them for their meal. Bonnie has a good message for everyone and proves to be a positive role model for her children. “My question to you how can you claim you love God but WON’T lift up your brother/sisters?” she writes. “Stop looking down on those who are down on their luck because God giveth and taketh away.”

Mom pays for homeless man's meal

Many Facebook users flocked to Bonnie’s post to thank her for sharing her good deed and say she’s a blessing for her selfless act.

Mom pays for homeless man's meal

Other Facebook users wrote to Bonnie to tell her God Bless and say what she did was Christ’s love in action.


Of the 13,000 comments, so many Facebook users shared their appreciation of her kindness.

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