Little Girl Bursts Into Tears At School Assembly When Curtain Opens To Reveal Navy Brother

One of the hardest sacrifices for any member serving in the military is knowing that they often have to spend so much time away from those they love the most.

Back in June 2014, the Navy officer in the video below, Frank “Tommy” Schaffer, had been stationed far from his family for three long years.

The distance was especially difficult for his little sister, Ryleigh, who was in third grade at the time. Like many younger siblings, she looked up to her big brother and named Tommy as her biggest role model in a school project.

As you can see in the emotional clip, she had no idea that Tommy was finally making his way home to surprise her at what she assumed was an ordinary school assembly.

Pay close attention to Ryleigh’s sweet face when she stood onstage and suddenly began to hear Tommy’s voice coming from the intercom — reading the very same heartwarming words she had written about him in her project.

At first she can’t be sure whether he’s there or simply sent a recording to be played at the assembly, but there’s no mistaking the tears of joy she bursts into when he finally reveals himself from backstage.

Take a look to see the amazing moment she gives her brother a big hug.

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