Man Clears Out Cluttered, Boring Backyard To Build A Sleek Man Cave

It is pretty safe to say that most men would build themselves a man cave if they got the chance.

I know in my family, the men like to take over the basement as their domain. They buy the biggest TVs, set up a foosball table, and always have a fridge for food and beer.

But not every man cave is actually in the basement! For Angus McGregor, he had to head outside and into his backyard to get his own space.

Angus cleared out his cluttered backyard and garden that had clearly seen better days. Over the course of nine months in 2015, when he had spare time, Angus worked in the backyard to create a stunning man cave.

Most of his supplies, which you can see in action in the video below, were purchased secondhand or recycled. Anything he bought new, he shopped around online to find a good price.

When he finished in December 2015, he had a beautiful man cave all to himself. But Angus has updated the description of the video to let everyone know this has now become a “she shed” for his wife, who “has acquired this and moved in.”

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Video Credit: Angus McGregor



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