Mom Says, ‘Nobody Ever Wants My Son In Their Class,’ Then Finds Special New Program For Him

Starting school is always a tough adjustment for children. New environment, new people, new experiences that can be both exciting, and scary.

It can be a lot harder for some children who have special needs as well.

While most schools implore programs to help special needs children, there aren’t as many programs as there probably should be.

That is until “It’s A Sensory World” came along.

Cindy Chadwick, whose son Wes attends the “It’s A Sensory World” establishment praises the program for giving her what she always wanted for her son.

She said: “Teacher ran out into the parking lot and followed me out. And she goes, I want him in my class, and nobody has ever said that. Nobody has every said to me that they wanted Wes and I knew in that moment before even going forward, that it was a great place to be.”

The program specializes in providing an environment specifically intended for children with special needs. It’s areas of expertise include both educational and therapeutic practices.

According to CW 33, the site is currently trying to raise funds to buy a school bus because of the growing number of kids in the program.

The campaign to raise funds for the bus is entitled “Bus For Hope,” and the goal is $20,000. This would help cover insurance and field trips once a week for a year.

Hopefully the site can raise their goal soon!

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