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  • Someone Started Playing Soccer In The Yard. The Players Were Fuzzier Than Expected.


    No matter how many times you warn your kids to pick up after themselves, it never fails that at least a few toys never make it back into the box.

    But as this family learned, one kid’s abandoned soccer ball gave a few furry critters an afternoon of fun. These Washington homeowners were caught by surprise when they captured two black bears messing around in their backyard. The bears can be seen bending it like Beckham before giving up on becoming soccer stars, instead setting their sights on a playful wrestling match.

    And just when you thought these two rambunctious bears would be all tuckered out, they have a second go at the soccer match at night!

    (via Daily Mail)

    Are they World Cup bound? Probably not, but at least they look adorable trying.

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  • Dad Was Trying To Potty Train His Son. Then He Looked Over And Saw This Happening


    If you’re a parent, you’ll totally understand this dad’s pain of trying to potty train his son.

    Teaching your child to use the potty on their own can be a tiring job for all those involved, but this dad discovered just how worn out his one-year-old was in the most hilarious way. After leaving his potty training seat with the babysitter, this dad thought he could trust his son to practice on the big boy potty. Leaving the boy alone long enough to cook up some eggs, the man discovered his son stuck inside the toilet fast asleep.

    It just goes to show that when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go…nap, that is!

    (via Daily Mail)

    A video like this is cute for now, but just wait until this little fella grows up and has to live down the embarrassment of this fiasco with each date he brings home to meet the parents.

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  • 12 Hysterical Videos That Prove Twins Share The Strongest (And Strangest) Bonds


    It’s often said that the bond between pairs of twins is unlike any other.

    Being born a twin is like gaining exclusive access to a members-only club. Just over three percent of births result in twins according to the Centers for Disease Control. So no matter fraternal or identical, if you’ve got a twin out there, you’ve got a companion for life.

    And what better way to show off your twinning status than living it up in the most hysterical ways possible? Here are 12 pairs of twins that are sure to make you laugh uncontrollably.

    1. What’s better than one child enduring the pain of having their wisdom teeth removed? Twins going through the pain together!


    2. This epic secret handshake is sealed with a kiss.

    3. Even when they’re bickering, they’re still so adorable.


    4. These little ladies have a language all their own.


    5. These two are so connected, they can’t keep their hands to themselves.


    6. You know what they say, twins that sneeze together, stay together.


    7. Guys, there’s more than one pacifier where that one came from.


    8. Even their dance moves are so in sync.


    9. I understood absolutely nothing that these cuties said.


    10. Their hats really finish off that minimalistic look.


    11. I’m pretty sure that slap meant “I love you.”


    12. These triple threats are taking their show on the road.


    These awesome twins make me a bit sad that I was born an only child. But for my parents’ sake, it’s probably a good thing there’s only one of me!

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  • She Had No Idea Why She Was Pulled Over For A DUI. Then Her Boyfriend Walked Over


    Getting pulled over is never fun.

    It’s especially awful if you know you haven’t done anything wrong. When one woman was pulled over under suspicion of DUI, she had absolutely no idea why. It was the middle of the day and she was completely sober. Still, she followed the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station officers’ instructions and began performing a sobriety test.

    What she didn’t know is that her boyfriend, Deputy Kevin Bowes, was walking up behind her with a surprise…

    He definitely pranked her, but watch the video to see if she said “yes” anyway!


    All’s well that ends well I suppose. Congratulations to them and cheers to their new life together!

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  • 14 Hilarious Animals That Just Live For The Art Of Dance


    Just when we thought our animal friends couldn’t get any better, they show off their epic dance moves.

    Whether they’re twisting and shouting, twirling about, or simply cutting a rug, our animal friends are here to prove that humans aren’t the only talented creatures on the dance floor. We really could learn a thing or two (or ten) from them.

    So to help you dance your way through the work week, here are 14 animals that were born to dance.

    1. This cockatoo is a real headbanger!


    2. I can’t tell if this doggo’s practicing his dance moves or looking for a way to escape?


    3. When it’s time to twerk, we could all use a friend to help us out.

    4. This chihuahua is master of the cha-cha.


    5. Break it down Mr. Gorilla.


    6. Dance like no one’s watching


    7. The bunny hop at its finest.


    8. The rhythm is gonna get ya.


    9. Getting jiggy with it.


    10. This little fella is feeling himself and the music.


    11. You don’t need to be fuzzy to break it down.


    12. And you don’t have to be a prima ballerina to show off your love for classical music.


    13. I’m pretty sure this dog was an extra in “Saturday Night Fever.”


    14. Her milkshake brings all the cars to the yard.


    Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated by these adorable animals and their killer dance moves. I’m already looking into taking a dance class before my next night out on the town.

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  • 25 Awesome Photos That Sum Up Why We Love Cats So Much.


    When it comes to cats, their behavior can be so unusual sometimes. Their behavior is practically unpredictable and when they do something, it simply defies our explanation. But no one can deny that they're supremely entertaining. But as cats continue to baffle, cat lovers are coming to terms with the fact that they're just one of life's furry mysteries. But rather than try and decipher their body language and enigmatic behavior, it's just easier to allow ourselves to bask and their wackiness, and there's no better way to do that than with these amazing photos that sum up why we love cats so much.

    #1. Most of the time cats don't really care what anyone else thinks of them.

    On occasion, cats will check themselves out in the mirror when no one’s looking to make sure that they’re still the fairest in all the land. Here’s looking at you, kid!

    #2. Stand very still and don't even blink and maybe they won't notice you're there.

    That’s one way to try and look inconspicuous, and you know what that means! This kitty probably did something very naughty and is trying to steer clear of any humans.

    #3. Looks like Sabrina The Teenage Witch has lost her talking cat once again.

    Actually, this little one just looks to perch himself on the door handle whenever someone walks by. You have to admit, it’s got quite a grip. Maybe they should rename him Hovercat.

    #4. Did you think you could ignore your black kitty that easily in the morning?

    It’s certainly not going to let you brush your teeth or wash your face until you show him some TLC. Oh, don’t you dare turn on the water. You know how much they hate water!

    #5. You better find another bowl because this one is full of fur.

    This puss doesn’t need a boot. He’s got a bowl and it’s just loving his new sofa bowl, so it’s tough cookies for you if you intended to use it to put candy in it or your keys and wallets.

    #6. Not even a day after being adopted and Jasper's causing trouble.

    It seems like he’s cool with all the attention his new human companions are giving him, but there’s something about the fireplace that he just can’t stand.

    #7. Oh, it's time to take out those claws and get ready to fight, girl!

    Looking at those claws, it’s safe to say that this lady probably regretted egging her cat on. When anyone asks how she got those scratches she can just say she was in a catfight.

    #8. Who needs Gossip Girl when you've got your very own gossip cat on the job.

    Whatever it is happening on the other side of that window must be really juicy for it to be standing at attention. Spill your guts, Kitty, because what it is we’re sure it’s even better than Maury.

    #9. Oops! It did it again and it got itself stuck in between the couch cushions.

    This is the total look of regret, but then again, it might have just been trying to blend into her new environment, that’s all. Now if only the other kitty would stop staring and lend a paw.

    #10. They can look so symmetrical when they're standing on a glass surface.

    You’d swear it’s a polar bear that you’re seeing and not a lovable kitty who’s just taking a stroll across your glass table to see what it feels like to be walking on air.

    #11. Who are you and where the heck did you come from, you cat burglar?

    This kitty’s very confused by the family’s new picture. It’s already figured out it’s not a reflection of itself. We give that picture frame about a week before this cat gets frustrated and knocks it down.

    #12. When you try to be a nice owner and your cat refuses to appreciate your efforts.

    You bought your kitty this nice water dispenser bowl, but it still insists on using the sink whenever it’s hungry. Honestly, they’re worse than your two-year-old.

    #13. Looks like it's leaning on the passenger side of this laundry basket.

    If that’s kitty’s way of saying it wants to go on a ride in the car, then why didn’t it just meow so? Thank goodness his BFF is on the other side keeping the basket balanced or this would turn into a catastrophe.

    #14. If you were looking to take a nap you'll have to wait until kitty wakes up from its catnap.

    It’s all tuckered out. But that’s a cat for you. They sleep pretty much anywhere and expect you to rub their belly so they can have some pleasant dreams while they’re down and out.

    #15. The world around them confuses them, especially when they're staring at an HD TV.

    Imagine how it would react if you had a 3D TV. Your kitty would probably wreck the screen trying to take a stroll through the park. One thing’s for sure, the only thing on its mind right now is how it can eat that bird for lunch.

    #16. "Hi there," is how this kitty likes to greet its owners first thing in the morning.

    It’s extremely cute, and also extremely scary when you’re trying to make coffee for breakfast and this adorable little kitty pops out of nowhere.

    #17. They're smart, but they get carried away sometimes when they're climbing.

    Of course, they’re too proud to ask for our help, even when it seems to be a life or death situation that makes rock climbing look like a walk in the park.

    They're smart, but they get carried away sometimes when they're climbing.

    #18. Cats are also pretty agile too when they have to climb to safety.

    No dog will try to hurt him from up here, and it’s better than trying to run away in the cold snow, but he clearly wasn’t smart enough to stay indoors like his owners told him to in the first place.

    #19. Hey, look at your kitty as it dances like it's on "Dancing With The Stars"!

    Your daughter has nothing on this kitty when it comes to ballet dancing. It’s got some moves that’s bound to get it into “So You Think You Can Dance” next season!

    #20. When you're too cheap to buy your cat better furniture, it finds its own way to improvise.

    This cat chewed an armrest for herself in a cardboard box. Now that’s ingenuity, but you’re on her radar for being an awful owner. We doubt she’ll ever forgive or forget about this.

    #21. When your cat finally figures out how to gain independence by drinking water from the fridge.

    Good luck getting him to drink water from a bowl, a water fountain, or a toilet bowl from now on. Its totally hooked on this newfound water source and has designated your fridge his new mommy.

    #22. Even cats aren't immune to hoarding, especially when it comes to bottle caps.

    One owner found this stash while cleaning the house and discovered that her kitty has a huge hoarding problem. He just loves finding and stashing bottle caps, which he probably uses as cash to play poker with his kitty friends.

    #23. This is what you get when you buy something special for your cat and they don't appreciate it.

    You could have spent that money buying a drone on Amazon, but instead you get your cat this thing to sit on and sunbathe by the window. Now it’s using it to shade itself from the sun. Go figure!

    #24. When you buy a cat tree with nothing but the best intentions and this happens.

    This poor kitty is so plus sized that you might as well tell him to become BFFs with a bird or a mouse. Just don’t ask him to climb this cat tree, cause he’s no American Ninja Warrior.

    #25. The moment when your cat discovers its own reflection in the bedroom mirror and doesn't like it.

    Who are you? It keeps asking, but it’s not getting a response. Then it realizes it’s his own reflection and suddenly everything it believed to be true about itself has come into question.

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  • Check Out The World's First Five-Star Bird Nest.


    If every fiber of your being is hollering at you to take a break and go on vacation, then head on down to Kenya and enjoy a safari adventure. Not only will you get to have the best experience that Africa has to offer, but you'll get the ultimate vacation retreat that's literally for the birds. The Segera region lies between Mount Kenya just to the east and on the west, you'll find the magnificent Great Rift Valley. But you might not want to leave your room when you see what Segera Retreat and Nay Palad have come up with the provide you with the most incredible sleep-out retreat ever.

    You'll sleep as peacefully as a baby bird at the Nay Palad's Segera resort.

    It’s built right smack in the middle of Laikipia, one of Kenya’s most popular and sought-after safari locales. But don’t be surprised if a bird swoops in and sits on the giant bird’s nest above your head.

    You'll sleep as peacefully as a baby bird at the Nay Palad's Segera resort.

    The interior of the bird's nest is as luxurious as a five-star hotel.

    It comes complete with a king-sized bed, plenty of pillows and lanterns for when the sun goes down. But the 360-degree cylindrical design also allows you to witness the most amazing view of the wilderness.

    The interior of the bird's nest is as luxurious as a five-star hotel.

    The structure was designed using raw material and local craftsmanship.

    Aside from farmed wood, tree branches have been interwoven to provide the tremendous look of a giant nest. So, why not sleep on the top or at least do a bit of sunbathing during the day and stargazing in the evening?

    The structure was designed using raw material and local craftsmanship.

    You don't even have to leave the resort to enjoy the surrounding plains.

    As a guest, you can enjoy the beauty of the wilderness from the top deck, aka the Nest. Who knows, you might even catch the refurbished biplane seen in the movie “Out Of Africa” flying around.

    You don't even have to leave the resort to enjoy the surrounding plains.

    You don't have to go far to find the nearest body of water either.

    The nest was built near a river, which is perfect if you’re looking to take some photos of the natural wildlife here. The river tends to attract elephants and giraffes to this location, which every nature lover will love.

    You don't have to go far to find the nearest body of water either.

    You've never experienced a sunset until quite like this one until you've seen it from the Segera Resort.

    There’s something almost ethereal about the mist below the mountains cover the trees in the coolest safari region of Laikipia. It will really knock your socks off, but make sure to bring a camera so you can take lots of photos.

    You've never experienced a sunset until quite like this one until you've seen it from the Segera Resort.

    If you love nature and love safaris, but would prefer a more traditional lodging, you're in luck.

    Aside from comfort, the resort also provides a type of lodging that’ a bit more traditional, but nonetheless, luxurious and extremely satisfying It also comes with a fully functional restroom and solar-heated water.

    If you love nature and love safaris, but would prefer a more traditional lodging, you're in luck.

    Staying at the Segera Retreat will be a real treat for guests of two, or a small family.

    The whole bird’s nest experience will set you back $1,150.78, but it’s worth every penny. And yes, that includes champagne and food, and a picnic breakfast on your doorstep. What more can anyone ask for?

    Staying at the Segera Retreat will be a real treat for guests of two, or a small family.

    Daily Mail

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  • Chinning Is The Answer To Those “Perfect" Social Media Photos.


    Have you ever heard of chinning? It's the latest rage in social media photo taking. It involves someone standing in front of a beautiful landscape or building and then leaning back, exposing the chin and it looks absolutely hilarious. But there's more to it than that. It's not just some fad that someone's come up with to look interesting. A passionate traveler by the name of Michelle Liu wanted to break down the walls of the conventional ill-perceived notion of perfection with the ultimate head tilt. Now, when it comes to selfies, it seems like chinning may become the latest trend across social media.

    21-year-old Michelle Liu has been chinning since middle school, high school, and college!

    Since it entertained her friends so much, she decided she’d continue her chinning tradition when she started traveling to exotic places like Paris, France.

    Michelle's never been obsessed about taking the perfect shot when she's out and about.

    Even in Prague, Czech Republic, she proved that you really don’t need to take yourself so serious on social media. Clearly, she’s totally comfortable in her own skin since she began traveling in September 2016.

    She wants to chin-ify that her selfies aren't just selfies anymore.

    She calls them chinfies, and with the use of a selfie stick and her iPhone, she’s been chinning all over the place, like when she visited the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

    Naturally, she gets a few odd looks when strangers catch her chinning.

    But when you’re in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you simply have to take a “dam” good chinfie no matter what. Fortunately, Michelle doesn’t mind the shocked or confused looks on people’s faces.

    Most people would consider chinning too unflattering to post on Instagram.

    Michelle on the other hand is a girl who just wants to have fun in Beijing, China. But best of all, she never has to worry about wasting time using Photoshop to fix things, because she loves everything about herself.

    Michelle has managed to attract 8,217 followers on her Instagram alone.

    She’s gone to all sorts of exotic places and experienced some beautiful backdrops like Acadia National Park in Maine. But she’s always looking for suggestions on where to take her chinfies next.

    Her self-confidence has a way of inspiring others to raise their chin up with pride.

    By combining the power of sunflower and chinning in Newbury, Massachusetts, Michelle has yet again managed to leave her followers laughing, but in a good way.

    Chinning isn't the only thing that makes us love Michelle's Instagram posts.

    She’s also got a knack for coming up with some awesome puns when she posts chinfies of magnificent places like this church in Krakow, Poland.

    Michelle also encourages others she encounters to take chinfies with her.

    Admittedly, she doesn’t always know how people will respond when she discusses what she does and why she does it. But as you can see from this chin pic taken in Glasgow, UK with a British Airways squad, everyone was on board.

    When in Wall Street, you might as well visit the New York Chin Exchange.

    Look at the Boston resident looking so patriotic in NYC! God bless Michelle Liu and her fabulous chin. Michelle’s also very gracious with her followers and loves to respond to positive comments on Instagram.

    To say that all eyes are on Michelle, or rather her chin, would be an understatement.

    Even the iconic Eye of London can’t seem to take its eye off of Michelle. Here’s looking at you, kid! You and that chin are awesome and the world loves your chin-anigans!

    There's no such thing as the picture-perfect angle in Michelle's mind.

    There’s only the ultimate head tilt because there’s no such thing as an impeccable snapshot. Meanwhile, Liu will continue to globetrot and take chinfies in places like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna until she becomes chinsta-famous!

    Design Taxi,

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  • Quirky Mom Gives Family Photos A Whole New Meaning.


    Being a mom to a little girl one day, is something many women are hoping for when they think about their future. They look forward to dressing up their little princess in adorable clothes. They can picture secret conversations of life lessons and boys. They want to share their wisdom of heartbreak and make-up lessons. And even if they don't want to admit it, they're excited to hear the words, "Mom, can I borrow that scarf?" This stay-at-home mom knows, and embraces, all of the fun times that come with being a mom to little girls. She has turned family photos into a fun experience, not only for her and her girls, but for all of her viewers. Take a look at these silly photo shoots she does. They're sure to bring a smile to your face, and possibly inspire you to dig your camera out and take some pictures of your own.

    Dominique, from the UK, had an incredibly amazing idea one day, while spending time with her two daughters.

    One morning she accidentally dressed herself, and one of her daughters, alike in striped shirts.

    The next thing she knew, her other daughter emerged from her room wearing a striped shirt, as well.

    They all had a good laugh about it and moved on with their day, still dressed exactly the same.

    It wasn't until Dominique was looking for an image idea later that day, that the idea came to her.

    She thought it would be incredible if her and her daughters took a picture of them all dressed alike.

    She was certainly right. Dominique posted the picture to her Instagram and got an unbelievable amount of attention.

    People absolutely adored the picture of her and her matching daughters

    After the overwhelming amount of fans she received from the one picture, she decided to do more!

    She began taking pictures of her and her daughters, making sure they were always matching, and posting them online.

    Dominique now has over 315,000 followers on her Instagram!

    They all want to see what Dominique is going to do with her girls next.

    She has done a lot of silly photos that make viewers giggle a little bit.

    She's also done a bit more serious photos, but even those ones bring a smirk to your face.

    No matter what kind of theme she does, her pictures are absolutely wonderful, and show the love she has for her daughters. I know I'm looking forward to seeing more from her!


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  • Stray Dog Crashed Wedding And The Bride And Groom Had The Best Reaction Ever.


    Just imagine that you're ready for your wedding day and everything is perfect. You have your family and friends there. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with is standing next to you. You look every bit as amazing as your better half does. Then something totally unexpected happens. You wind up with a wedding crasher! It happened to Matheus and Marilia on their big day, and they simply couldn't believe it when a stray dog wandered into their wedding. But were they angry? Absolutely not! The reaction was quite the opposite and what happened afterwards was pawsome!

    For Matheu and Marilia, this was the day they'd been waiting for since they met.

    They were about to exchange vows and say I do and then run down the aisle and live happily ever after. But that’s when an uninvited guest decided to make an appearance at their wedding.

    For Matheu and Marilia, this was the day they'd been waiting for since they met.

    Felipe Paludetto

    Marilia and Matheus really wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but that wasn't meant to be.

    The weather in Sao Paulo, Brazil was dreadful that day. There was a major storm that brought heaven rain, which forced the couple to have their ceremony under a tent. But that wasn’t the only shock they got.

    Marilia and Matheus really wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but that wasn't meant to be.

    Felipe Paludetto

    A lonely stray dog was also hoping to avoid getting rained on during this special day.

    It was a stray who wanted to stay dry, so he crashed Marilia and Matheus’ wedding just as all the guests had taken their seats. Despite being pushed out, the muddy dog made his way back and settle on the bride’s veil.

    A lonely stray dog was also hoping to avoid getting rained on during this special day.

    Felipe Paludetto

    Everyone in the ceremony had been surprised when the music began playing and the dog walked in.

    Now it was taking a nice nap on Marilia’s bridal veil and the only thing the couple could do was laugh. By this point, no one had the heart to force the dog to leave, so the couple allowed the pooch to stay.

    After the ceremony the dog made a discreet exit, but the newlyweds decided they wanted to find him.

    Marilia loves animals so she and her hubby tracked him down. It took a week, but eventually they were contacted and were reunited with the stray dog once again.

    After the ceremony the dog made a discreet exit, but the newlyweds decided they wanted to find him.

    Marília Pieroni

    Once the dog came home with them, he was treated like a member of the family.

    He was bathed, and named Snoop. According to Marilia, Snoop was happy to eat, drink, and be merry. He was also a playful pooch and had a very peaceful night’s sleep the first night with his new family.

    Once the dog came home with them, he was treated like a member of the family.

    Marília Pieroni

    Who would have thought that a stray would have ended up becoming a valuable member of a family?

    Now, Marilia claims that it would be very hard to imagine their life without Snoop, who brings an endless amount of entertainment, joy and love and they’re just one big happy family.

    Who would have thought that a stray would have ended up becoming a valuable member of a family?

    Marília Pieroni

    The Dodo

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