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  • Stray Dog Crashed Wedding And The Bride And Groom Had The Best Reaction Ever.


    Just imagine that you're ready for your wedding day and everything is perfect. You have your family and friends there. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with is standing next to you. You look every bit as amazing as your better half does. Then something totally unexpected happens. You wind up with a wedding crasher! It happened to Matheus and Marilia on their big day, and they simply couldn't believe it when a stray dog wandered into their wedding. But were they angry? Absolutely not! The reaction was quite the opposite and what happened afterwards was pawsome!

    For Matheu and Marilia, this was the day they'd been waiting for since they met.

    They were about to exchange vows and say I do and then run down the aisle and live happily ever after. But that’s when an uninvited guest decided to make an appearance at their wedding.

    For Matheu and Marilia, this was the day they'd been waiting for since they met.

    Felipe Paludetto

    Marilia and Matheus really wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but that wasn't meant to be.

    The weather in Sao Paulo, Brazil was dreadful that day. There was a major storm that brought heaven rain, which forced the couple to have their ceremony under a tent. But that wasn’t the only shock they got.

    Marilia and Matheus really wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but that wasn't meant to be.

    Felipe Paludetto

    A lonely stray dog was also hoping to avoid getting rained on during this special day.

    It was a stray who wanted to stay dry, so he crashed Marilia and Matheus’ wedding just as all the guests had taken their seats. Despite being pushed out, the muddy dog made his way back and settle on the bride’s veil.

    A lonely stray dog was also hoping to avoid getting rained on during this special day.

    Felipe Paludetto

    Everyone in the ceremony had been surprised when the music began playing and the dog walked in.

    Now it was taking a nice nap on Marilia’s bridal veil and the only thing the couple could do was laugh. By this point, no one had the heart to force the dog to leave, so the couple allowed the pooch to stay.

    After the ceremony the dog made a discreet exit, but the newlyweds decided they wanted to find him.

    Marilia loves animals so she and her hubby tracked him down. It took a week, but eventually they were contacted and were reunited with the stray dog once again.

    After the ceremony the dog made a discreet exit, but the newlyweds decided they wanted to find him.

    Marília Pieroni

    Once the dog came home with them, he was treated like a member of the family.

    He was bathed, and named Snoop. According to Marilia, Snoop was happy to eat, drink, and be merry. He was also a playful pooch and had a very peaceful night’s sleep the first night with his new family.

    Once the dog came home with them, he was treated like a member of the family.

    Marília Pieroni

    Who would have thought that a stray would have ended up becoming a valuable member of a family?

    Now, Marilia claims that it would be very hard to imagine their life without Snoop, who brings an endless amount of entertainment, joy and love and they’re just one big happy family.

    Who would have thought that a stray would have ended up becoming a valuable member of a family?

    Marília Pieroni

    The Dodo

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  • When This Cat Sat In Front Of The Window, The Most Adorable Thing Happened


    I like to call windows “cat TV” because my kitties get endless entertainment just from looking through them.

    It’s fun for cats to watch everything that happens outside, especially when other animals are pretty close by. It’s not very often that wild critters actually get close enough to approach the window itself, though, which is why one feline recently got a seriously awesome show.

    Imgur user ctrlaltme started calling their Siberian forest cat, Sochi, a Disney princess after the interesting phenomenon they witnessed. It started with a squirrel coming right up to the other side of the window as if it was looking directly at Sochi.

    Then a deer came along as well, making ctrlaltme wonder whether Sochi had some kind of bizarre influence over the creatures outside — though it probably has more to do with the bird feeder hung there.

    The squirrel and deer eventually left the yard, but as ctrlaltme explained, Sochi kept to his animal-watching vigil throughout the night.

    “The forest creatures have retreated but my cat still stands guard in the dark waiting.”

    (via BoredPanda)

    I’m betting Sochi’s new favorite show hasn’t ended for good, especially if that bird feeder stays in place. It’s only a matter of time until his furry friends come back.

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  • When One Cat Booped A Dog, It Had No Idea That This Insanity Would Follow


    It’s no secret that cats usually want nothing more than their doggy frenemies to pipe down and leave them alone.

    If only doggos had an off switch, am I right? Life would be a whole lot easier for kitties if that were the case. Usually a little boop from the cat is enough to calm Fido down and put him in his place, but when this cat hit its dog friend on the nose, the total opposite happened.

    Fido and Fifi had an unexpected stare down when the pair came across one another on the steps.

    But as our doggy pal begins to sniff out his competition, this frisky feline has a trick up her sleeve.

    Feeling a bit playful, our kitty girl boops her rival on the head.

    But little did she know that with a single boop, she sent her arch nemesis into overdrive.

    I’m pretty sure this dog is auditioning fort a walk-on role in the upcoming Flash movie. Look at that doggo go!

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  • It Started Out As A Cute Gift From Grandma. Then They Opened It And Saw This!


    You know how they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, one grandmother just learned that this metaphorical phrase applies in the literal sense as well.

    While shopping at Barnes & Noble, the woman saw an adorably illustrated book called, “If Animals Could Talk.” Knowing that her six-year-old granddaughter, Emmersyn, would love a book like this, she went ahead and bought it. She realized pretty quickly that she’d made a mistake when the little girl’s mom, Tiffany, called and asked if she’d actually opened it.

    Here’s the book in question. Cute, right?

    Written for kids, though? Definitely not, as Tiffany realized when she looked through the pages herself.

    The book is chock-full of inappropriate language for children…

    …and adult humor.

    When it became clear that Emmersyn’s grandmother hadn’t seen the content of the book, Tiffany started reading pages to her.

    Suffice it to say she was mortified when she heard.

    While Grandma made a mistake in buying the book for Emmersyn, it didn’t go to waste.

    Tiffany got a ton of laughs out of it, as did the people she shared it with.

    (via BoredPanda)

    Wondering where you can get this delightfully funny book? Here’s where you can buy your own copy, but you might have to wait a while — it’s already out of stock!

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  • 25 Random Photos From Around The World


    When it comes to creating masterpieces, there are no greater artists than Mother Nature and humanity. With the world so big and wondrous, you could spend a lifetime looking for the most idyllic shot and you'd never truly be done. There's just so much diversity in everything around us, whether it's a landscape, or the architecture of a beautiful building. With the passion for photojournalism increasing by leaps and bounds, it's no wonder that someone took the time to take photos of these incredible places and buildings. So, hang on because you're about to get hit with some photos that are totally lit.

    #1. You could literally lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling of the Louvre Museum's gift shop in Paris!

    #2. Watch a humpback whale rise and break through the surface of the water against the Sydney skyline.

    #3. This shot of a guy looking out the window is so meaningful, complex, and Hitchcockian in a way.

    #4. Watch your step and don't look down at the Spiraling Treetop Walkway in Denmark.

    #5. The seafood restaurants in Burano, Italy are great and so are their colorful houses.

    #6. Lean Back and relax at the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, the fifth-oldest national park.

    #7. Why jump in a lake when you can be a real daredevil and jumping into the ultimate abyss?

    #8. Not all birds fly south in the winter, like this crows in Portland, Oregon who are perched on top of snow-covered trees.

    #9. The City Of Chicago is impressive from any angle and they make a mean brick oven pizza too.

    #10. This stunning photo of Devils Postpile National Monument near Mammoth Mountain shows off the natural beauty in eastern California

    #11. There's something breathtaking about this sunset in Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada that makes you feel free and alive.

    #12. The ultra-popular museum Château de Versailles in France offers a mix of history, design and culture.

    #13. Alberto Dros literally capture a shot of heaven and hell with this erupting volcano perfectly aligned with the breathtaking milky away above.

    #14. The backstreet of the well-preserved city of Kyoto, Japan's Gion District is like taking a step back in time.

    #15. We tip our hats to the photographer who took a photo of this beautiful Parisian sunset.

    #16. Even on a rainy day in the fall, Venice manages to wow us with its grandeur and sprawl.

    #17. Scotland is for the dogs, which might explain why 222 Golden Retrievers are parked out by this field.

    #18. A river trip towards a castle in Bernkastel, Germany sounds just like what the therapist ordered.

    #19. The Sun setting on the horizon in Northern California reflects the mood caused by the recent wildfires affecting the area.

    #20. Stargazing with a few friends is so enlightening in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

    #21. It's not a scene from The Walking Dead but rather a bunch of folks waiting for their train in Munich during Oktoberfest.

    #22. This shot of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany will make you relive your fairytale fantasy!

    #23. There's nothing chilly about Chile, but in the city of Castro you'll definitely find a colorful town by the river.

    #24. When the sun rises at the Taj Mahal it adds a little something that makes this photo oh-so beautiful.

    #25. This photo of two sailboats on lake Nipissing, Ontario is so perfect, you'd swear it's a picture frame in some fancy hotel.

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  • This Guy Used Photoshop To Travel Back In Time – Into Pictures With His Younger Self.


    Have you ever wanted to time travel just so you could hang with your old self? Now every time traveling movie or TV series we've seen have warned us that this would create a paradox that would destroy the universe. But Conor Nickerson from Massachusetts decided to go ahead and risk it anyways. The only thing was, he didn't need a DeLorean to travel back in time. With his awesome Photoshop techniques, he digitally crashed some old family photos in a project called Childhood, allowing him to interact with his younger self. To say that the results were flawless and exquisite would be an understatement.

    It took months for him to prove to everyone that he and his past self always looked cool wearing shades.

    The third year jazz major took a break at McGill University in Montreal to go back in time and celebrate a birthday with his brother and younger self.

    Oh, nothing, Conor's just chilling with his younger self on a chair somewhere in the past.

    Here's Conor looking at down at his younger self in an orchard as if this were a father and son moment.

    His biggest challenge was matching the look and feel of this old image of his younger self with grams and a modern self.

    With a bit of blurring, sharpening, and the addition of artificial noise, you couldn't separate the past from the future.

    Conor and his past self are looking like they're starting a band called Me, Myself and I.

    It's funny how Conor managed to look so retro right down to the turtle neck alongside his younger self.

    It took six months to make this "then and now" pic look seamlessly flawless, but Conor pulled it off.

    Conor's pics are certainly out of this world, or at least worth a visit from the Men in Black.

    It's no wonder Conor's younger self isn't afraid to ride the train with his older self assuring him everything was alright.

    Conor Nickerson

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  • Adorable Baby Copying Model Uncle’s Poses Is Taking Instagram By Storm.


    Why do we love Instagram? Because there are lots of hunky models that make our blood sizzle. There are also some really darn cute pics of babies too. But one Instagram account is giving us the best of both worlds. Now imagine being born into a family where you have an uncle that looks like a Greek adonis and doesn't mind posing shirtless on social media. What do you do? You get a head start and follow in his footsteps because deep inside, you know you're destined for model greatness. That's how 18-month-old Augie decided to give his model uncle Aristotle Polites a run for his money with an overdose of cuteness.

    Just one look at these two side by side and you'll be asking yourself, who wore it better?

    Augie and Aris, you two seriously can't keep doing this to our hearts, babes!

    Augie's mom, Katina Behm, admits that Augies's initial confusion faded and is taking modeling like a pro.

    These two are seriously playing with our hearts and tugging at our heartstrings with each pic.

    Like uncle like nephew, these two always look like they have something on their minds in each shoot.

    The debate of the year is hairy muscular 6 pack abs versus baby belly, but they're both winners.

    Honestly, we're totally torn with who wore this look better, but Augie's smile is just melting us.

    According to Katina, Augie smiles whenever she puts him up against a wall, just like Uncle Ari.

    Enjoy while it lasts Ari because in a few years, Augie will be the one wearing the big modeling shoes.

    They're both so cute that it's tough to decide who to take with you when it's bath time.

    It's painfully obvious that the modeling gene is coursing through both of their blood. Whether we choose the teddy bear on the left or the teddy baby on the right, we'll fall in love with both.

    Baby and the Body

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  • She’s Sick Of Getting Catcalled, So She’s Holding Creeps Accountable In A Clever Way


    An experience most women can relate to is how exasperating it feels to be catcalled.

    Women who are just going about their daily business are routinely catcalled. One of the myths is that men only make lewd, rude, or intimidating comments to women who are wearing skimpy clothing, but the reality is that women in all kinds of clothing have to deal with this unfortunate phenomenon.

    Many people think that it’s “just a compliment,” but one woman is taking pictures to show just how awful and exhausting it can be.

    Student Noa Jansma of the Netherlands took selfies with every man who catcalled her in the month of September.

    She wanted to show just how prevalent this behavior is, and she put their words in each caption.

    In this one, the man yelled after her, “Hmmmm you wanna kiss?” Um, gross.

    One of the most striking things about the photos is how smug and unbothered most of the men look even after being called out for their actions.

    You can find her whole, month-long experiment on her Instagram account Dear Catcallers.

    Her work inspired others to share their experiences with the hashtag #dearcatcallers, and now that the experiment has come to an end, Jansma plans to pass the account to another woman.

    Each month, a new woman somewhere in the world will document her experiences with catcalling, reminding us all how awful it really can be.

    (via BoredPanda)

    It’s awesome to see someone tackling this problem head-on. Here’s hoping we can one day live in a world where everyone can walk down the street in peace.

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  • Woman Gave Birth In Japan. Here's Some Of The Delicious Food She Was Served.


    When it comes to giving birth, the recovery period in a hospital or a clinic differs in every part of the world. In the UK, you might be out in a matter of hours, and even then, you'd be lucky if you a cup of tea and some crumpets. One woman, who gave birth at a clinic in Japan, was treated like a queen. She stayed in the clinic recovering for 4 days, which is the standard in Japan, and the nurses looked after the baby, gave her some amazing advice, and fed her the best food to aid in her recovery.

    Most people cringe when they think of hospital food, which is usually pretty yucky.

    But this woman, who had a standard pregnancy, went on Reddit and claimed that she was fed omuraisu, macaroni salad, chicken soup, squid rings, fruit, and green tea to regain her strength.

    Some hospitals will kick a mother out after a few hours to make room for another patient.

    But this new mother was treated to salmon with mushroom sauce, soba noodles, rice, eggplant and beef, broccoli, hijiki salad. We have to say, we’re a little envious, and hungry.

    This mom wasn't wined but she was certainly dined after giving birth.

    Then again, creating life is no easy task, and as beautiful as the miracle of life is, one can certainly use a nice meal like sea bream, pasta salad, chicken meatballs, pickled daikon, rice, miso soup, chawan mushi, and green tea.

    Aside from food, the mom got plenty of advice on how to look after her newborn.

    This is like going to lamasse with the only differences being that you already have a kid and you’re getting great food like chicken fingers with shredded cabbage salad, bitter melon stir fry, agedashi tofu, carrot salad, rice, and miso soup.

    Did you get stale brown bread and a butter sachet and marmalade after you give birth?

    Come to Japan the next time you’re ready to give birth and you could enjoy some mackerel, konbu salad, natto, spinach salad, miso soup, rice, milk, and green tea.

    Can you go to Japan solely to have your baby there and get fed?

    You sure can and you can enjoy some mushroom pasta, potato salad, broccoli and bacon salad, chicken soup, fruit, bread, and green tea. Just don’t expect to get Japanese citizenship. That’s really tough to get there.

    A hospital stay in Japan sounds like it's definitely worth whatever the cost might be.

    Not only do you get to enjoy cod, shredded cabbage salad, pasta salad, sweet potato and peas, rice, and green tea, but also advice like how not to smother your kids or shake them hard.

    The Japanese government is known for spoiling children with a number of programs.

    This definitely helps to ensure that kids are well cared for in their society. But of course, mommy deserves some TLC too, like some salmon, tofu, spinach salad, natto, miso soup, rice, and milk.

    Japanese food is good everywhere, but you don't have to get pregnant to enjoy it.

    Chicken with mushroom sauce, braised pumpkin and pork, daikon carrot salad, rice, miso soup, and chawan mushi.

    With menus like these, who needs to go to a restaurant in Japan?

    You just have to find someone to knock you up and head to Japan so you can stay at a clinic or hospital and enjoy some fried fish with tartar sauce, braised mountain potatoes, hijiki salad, spinach and carrot stir fry, rice, and green tea.

    Even with pain relievers, comfort food is always a plus after giving birth.

    With some fish, braised vegetables, niku jaga, which is essentially meat and potatoes, cucumber and baby corn salad, rice, miso soup, and green tea, you’ll be feeling like your old self again by the time you leave the hospital.

    The woman was treated to a last meal before she was discharged from the clinic.

    It’s called the oiwai (which means celebration) dinner and consists of camembert and raisins, roast beef, mashed potatoes, kabocha, lotus root with gravy, corn soup, rice, salad, tiramisu, fruit, orange juice, and green tea. When you’ve been this spoiled, we’re sure it’s tough going back to a normal life.


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  • This Floating Tent Is Every Camper's Dream Come True.


    Do you ever feel like just floating away and getting lost in nature? Well with the floating tent by SmithFly you can. Most people love camping, but they hate bringing bulky equipment along on their hike or setting up a tent. This nifty invention relieves any camper's worst fears, so the experience can be more pleasant. It may very well be the best camping invention to date. The Ohio-based company claims that with the Shoal Tent "the world is your waterbed." That's a huge understatement given that you can sleep, read, eat, relax, and cuddle while you drift away down a lake or a river. So, read up and then try one out and float your way across the river.

    The SmithFly Shoal tent is every bit as fun as it seems to be.

    You can spend the whole day hiking, exploring, and communing with nature. You might even want to sing around a campfire and roast marshmallows. But when night falls, you’ll want to be in the tent.

    If you're not a fan of building tents, then you're in for quite a treat.

    The floating tent doesn’t have any tent poles you have to worry about. You simply need to inflate it and then you’re ready to go rafting your way to a good night’s sleep.

    The tent has been designed to withstand pretty much anything nature throws at it.

    Its inflatable base will keep you afloat while the tent fabric will keep you dry as it’s waterproof. SmithFly also claims that it can withstand high winds, in case you get stuck in a freak storm.

    Aside from being sturdy, the Shoal Tent is also extremely comfy on the inside.

    The floor is a six-inch thick drop fabric, which essentially turns it into an air mattress. That way, you can just lay there and look up the stars or bird watch safely through the see-through dome.

    Building the base is also pretty easy to do thanks to the heavy-duty hooks and loops.

    The tent topper sides themselves all attach and detach super easy, which is an incredible asset if you need to use the top to get out of the tent.

    Measurement is key, especially when you're thinking about creature comfort.

    The Shoal Tent is 8 ft. by 8 ft. from the outside, which means that a person as tall as 6’3 can lay there comfortably, or stand without destroying the tent.

    The tent is also super easy to pack up and carry in your truck and take to a campsite.

    The entire thing folds down and fits into a storage bag, which will weigh around 75 pounds. Now this means that carrying it around on your back might not be convenient, but you can store it in the back of your truck.

    The Shoal Tent will set you back $1,499, but is worth every penny.

    When designer, Ethan Smith, came up with the idea for Shoal Tent, he intended it to be something that could take camping to a whole new level and make it sturdy enough to last for generations to come.

    The Shoal Tent will set you back $1,499, but is worth every penny.


    This invention is every camper's dream come true, especially when traveling.

    Now, instead of hiking towards your next destination, causing your feet to get blisters, you can just float towards the next camping site without all the effort. How cool is that?

    This invention is every camper's dream come true, especially when traveling.


    You never imagined that you could camp on a body of water, and now you can!

    The tent also comes with a storage bag, a manual foot pump, a patch kit, and an inflatable raft, in case you find yourself needing to paddle back to dry land. So, pre-order one now before they’re all out of stock.

    You never imagined that you could camp on a body of water, and now you can!



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