Residents Are Baffled When They Turn On Tap Water And It Comes Out Bright Pink

Residents of a town in Alberta, Canada, were recently left scratching their heads when their ordinary tap water suddenly poured out of their faucets with a bright pink hue.

They weren’t the only ones baffled by the discovery. Folks took to social media with the shocking photos of sinks filled with liquid that looked more like fruit punch than regular H2O, and the images quickly went viral across the web.

Obviously, there were two questions on everyone’s mind: What caused the change of color, and was it safe to use the pink water?

Authorities explained that a faulty valve caused an excess of potassium permanganate, a chemical agent used to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide in the treatment process, and that the residents weren’t at any risk of harmful effects.

However, according to the World Health Organization, there is potential for skin irritation and staining with high quantities of the chemical. Luckily, none of the folks in the community reported cases of either.

With conflicting information, Dr. Travis Stork decided to get to the bottom of things by inviting Water Quality Association’s Executive Director Pauli Undesser to answer all their questions.

Take a look to see what she had to say about the unusual water situation and whether or not she believes it would be safe for the residents to drink or bathe in the pink water.

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