She Took Her Daughter To Her Favorite Place And What A Woman Said To Them Is Awful


Parents of children with disabilities know the pain that comes with getting dirty looks when their children are loud in public.

The fact is that many children on the autism spectrum or with other special needs may not have the ability to control their volume while trying to express themselves. This can manifest through fits, but it can also be a sign of happiness.

Shawna Lynn’s daughter has autism and an intellectual disability, and she loves to swim. She also makes loud noises when she’s very happy and flaps her arms. Unfortunately, one awful woman decided to yell at the girl, cutting short their swimming trip entirely.

The family was visiting Range Pond State Park in Poland, Maine, when the woman pictured below allegedly screamed “shut the fuck up” at the eight-year-old girl.

Mom stuck up for her daughter, filming the woman who then denied cursing at the child but did admit to telling her to “shut up.”

At one point, the woman snarkily says, “I’m sorry you’re upset about your special needs kid.”


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