This Bengal Cat Has Adventures That Will Make Most Humans Jealous.


Are you more of a cat person than you are a dog person? Do you ever get envious when you're out in public, and you see someone enjoying a nice afternoon with their pup, wishing you could bring your precious feline out with you, too? Most people don't ever consider this is a possibility. They assume that because they're a cat, they have no desire to want to go anywhere with them, and this just isn't true. It's a little known fact that cats can be leash trained. They enjoy going on walks, and they even love exploring the woods with their human companion leading the way. Suki the Cat is blowing the minds, and touching the hearts of everyone that comes into contact with her. She has shown the world that cats can be the perfect travel companions, and she's doing it in an absolutely stunning way! Keep scrolling, and you'll see exactly why it's possible to hit the road traveling, and bring your cat with you!

Martina Gutfreund is the loving human companion of this exceptionally beautiful Bengal cat, named Suki!

Bengal cats are known for being natural explorers and enjoy going on adventures.

Suki is absolutely no exception to that rule. In fact, Suki goes above and beyond with her adventures.

She has learned to walk beside her human mother on her leash, and absolutely adores being carried around in her U-Pet carrier.

Suki enjoys camping and canoeing, and unlike most cats, doesn't mind the water at all!

Martina says that Suki can do anything that a dog can do, which is why she's the perfect partner for traveling.

She says that cats are capable of way more than humans give them credit for.

She even loves going on long hikes with his mother, and doesn't seem to whine when she gets too tired!

They recently went on an amazing journey through the beautiful wilderness of Canada.

Suki went on her favorite hike ever while checking out the scenery of Johnston Canyon in Banff, Alberta.

Martina said it was like an absolute paradise for Suki.

Most of the trail was boardwalks suspended on cliffs with the view of rushing water below.

Most cats would have no desire to go on that type of journey, but Suki certainly embraced the challenge.

As someone who also has a traveling cat, I can say that Suki is extraordinary!

While someone can absolutely train their cat like Martina did with Suki, it's not an easy task.

Cats are naturally very independent animals, who just kind of want to do their own thing.

A harness and leash can be a bit difficult for them to get used, so the key is to begin training them at a very young age.

Suki is a very lucky cat to have Martina for a mom, but I'm sure Martina feels just as lucky to have Suki. They make a purrfect team!

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