This Mom Of Two Was Getting Her Life Back On Track, But It Ended In Tragedy


When life becomes too much some people to handle, they turn to harmful things like drugs and alcohol for relief.

Many people try to fight their addiction issues, but this is no easy feat. One woman that knew that well was 22-year old Gabriel Hinojosa, who put serious effort into getting clean and turning her life around.

Unfortunately for Hinojosa, while on her road to recovery, a tragic and unexpected event put an abrupt end to her progress.

Hinojosa was ready for a fresh start after battling her addiction to drugs.

She not only wanted to get clean for herself, but also for her two young daughters.

But then the woman disappeared, and her family and friends weren’t able to get ahold of her.

Her cousin reached out to her Facebook friends in hopes that someone had been in contact with the young mom. No one knew anything about where she could be.

Nearly a week after filing a missing persons report, Hinojosa’s family was dealt a frightening blow — the body of a young woman was found in a recycling container that had been submerged in a nearby creek.

The body was later identified as that of Hinojosa.

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There are currently no suspects in the mom’s death, but an autopsy may reveal some answers.

(via Daily Mail)

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