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  • People Are Stunned By Just How Old This Model-Photographer Is.


    Have you ever noticed how people in their 40s and 50s are looking a lot younger than you'd expect? They say that the 40s are the new 30s, but now it looks like your 50s can also be your new 40s. Actually, scratch that. Your 50s might be your new 30s. Just ask Chuando Tan, a 51-year-old model and photographer from Singapore who seems to have defied the aging process and retained his youthful and oh-so attractive appearance. It seems impossible, but this guy certainly has certainly beat the clock, and as far as his secret to not aging goes, the answer is absolutely unbelievable.

    Chuando Tan looks like an Asian Clark Kent standing by the doorway.

    The photographer always manages to look spiffy when he goes out, even if he’s not modeling. There’s just something about looking great that comes naturally to Tan, and he’s eager to share his secret to the fountain of youth.

    Chuando Tan looks like an Asian Clark Kent standing by the doorway.

    Frey Ow

    Tan's pouty lips and muscular physique is absolutely mouthwatering.

    But it was only a few months ago that his photos went absolutely viral on his Instagram because people simply couldn’t believe that Tan was actually 51 years old.

    At 6 feet tall, Tan is totally fit and knows that hitting the gym is the best way to stay in shape.

    Weighing 172 pounds, Tan is the embodiment of perfection, which he maintains by going to the gym five times a week for half an hour each session to stay in the best shape possible. Mission accomplished.

    Some would say that he could totally pass off as someone in his late 20s.

    His hair is black, which he admits he dyes, as well as his facial hair. He’s also very trendy when it comes to fashion. His favorite thing to wear are Calvin Klein shirts, Topman trousers and Cole Haan shoes.

    Don't expect to see any blemishes or imperfections in his skin because he's flawless.

    There are no beauty products touching Tan’s baby face because he finds that they irritate his skin. He also makes sure to treat his body like a temple so that his skin continues to radiate.

    Have you ever seen a chiseled body like this on a 51-year-old man before?

    Aside from exercising, he also watches what he eats, but admits he doesn’t diet. What he will do is add eggs, chicken and fish in his soups, and he drinks lots of water, while avoiding things like alcohol, smoking, and coffee drinking.

    Tan never intended to become an Instagram star when he opened his account in 2015.

    It wasn’t long after a photoshoot with photographer Few Ow, that Tan earned himself thousands upon thousands of fans. He recalled that when he woke up one morning and saw the number of followers, he was shocked.

    Of course, not everything is positive while rising to the top as one of the hottest looking models.

    He’s gotten some haters along the way who claim that he should act his own age and not like a 30-year-old model, but he certainly brushes them off and strives to inspire his followers to eat healthier so they can stay young like him.

    It turned out that the reason behind his Insta-fame was the result of a Chinese news website.

    Yidian Zixun used some of his photos for an article that talked about how a then 50-year-old man looked 30 and the story went viral. Since then he’s gotten odd requests from people asking him to show other body parts, including his toes.

    Being in the spotlight is not exactly something new for Tan as he's been modeling since he was 16.

    He also tried his hand at singing, but he was too shy so he moved on to opening up his own modeling agency named Ave. But now he’s back in the spotlight and his life revolves around his work, staying in shape, and being good to his friends. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he’s single.

    Straits Times

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  • Photos That Prove Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Win Halloween Every Year.


    There seems to be four things we look forward to every Halloween. Dressing up in our favorite costumes, trick or treating, watching "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," and seeing what amazing new family costume theme Neil Patrick Harris will come up with. Both he and his husband always find the most adorable themes for themselves and their kids. Come to think of it, it wouldn't really be a Halloween without this family's lovable Halloween costumes. Their themes aren't just clever, but perfect in every way, and they have a way of melting our hearts, especially when we see how much fun the kids are having too. So here are some of the cutest costumes the Harris-Burtka clan blessed us with so far.

    In 2011, they dressed up as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Smee, and Captain Hook.

    At this point, all we can say is that we were literally hooked. Neil Patrick Harris as Hook and David Burtka as Peter Pan are two totally cool and eerie-sistible dads. Please adopt us into your family.

    Did we get whisked away by a tornado or are we experiencing a Wizard of Oz flashback?

    In 2012, the family dressed up as the Tin Man, The Scarecrow, Dorothy, and The Lion. Honestly, folks, have you ever seen a family this cute? We especially love the Lion, who didn’t seem too happy at the moment.

    In 2013, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka proved to us that their home is a true Wonderland.

    While both dads dressed up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, their little girl dressed up as the cutest Alice we’ve ever seen, while their boy took on the role of the White Rabbit.

    In 2013, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka proved to us that their home is a true Wonderland.


    When it comes to dressing up, this family certainly knows how to creep it real.

    In 2013, they decided that two themes are better than one. So, after ditching their Wonderland costumes, they turned into Frankenstein, the Wolfman, The Bridge of Frankenstein, and Dracula.

    In 2014, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's family went totally Gotham.

    The Dark Knight rose to fend off the likes of The Riddler, The Joker, and Cat Woman. This fun and wacky clan is so cute that they totally deserve a pass to Arkham.

    In 2014, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's family went totally Gotham.


    In 2015, the force was with the entire family as they took on the theme of the Star Wars cast.

    We’re sure that Obi Wan, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker would totally approve. Looks like the Empire better watch out cause the Force is in full swing.

    In 2015, the force was with the entire family as they took on the theme of the Star Wars cast.


    In 2016, the family decided to forego scary to pay tribute to the classics.

    They looked totally flawless as Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and James Dean. So while the rest of you might be wondering what costume to wear this year, we’re wondering what this awesome family will come up with this year!

    In 2016, the family decided to forego scary to pay tribute to the classics.



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  • 24 Awesome Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween.


    Everyone knows that Halloween is a time of dressing up. It's the one day out of the whole year where it is socially acceptable to transform yourself into anyone or anything you want to be. Although many people look at it as an opportunity to physically dress up, makeup enthusiasts see the holiday as an opportunity to get creative with their face.

    If you're looking to focus more on your Halloween makeup this year than your actual outfit, look no further! The looks we have below are so good, you can probably pair them with an outfit that's already in your closet.

    #1. Barbie Doll

    Transform yourself into a plastic doll with this look. It’s fairly easy, it just requires a cut crease and some pink makeup. Pair the makeup with a blonde wig to complete the look!

    Barbie Doll

    Kandee Johnson / YouTube

    #2. Skeleton

    A look that doesn’t require an entire body paint job. Turn your face into a skeleton by using a mixture of dark eyeshadows and white face paint.

    #3. Pop Art Woman

    Turn yourself into a comic book character with this look! All you’re essentially doing is adding red dots all over your face and outlining your features with a black trim.

    #4. Oh Deer

    This one’s a look for those who love to contour. You’ll be contouring with deep browns for this deer-inspired look and adding a few white spots to your forehead and cheekbones.

    #5. Mermaid

    Use makeup to add fish scales to your face to complete a mermaid look. Anyone can put on a mermaid costume, but not everyone will have this fabulous makeup to match it.

    #6. Lioness of the Jungle

    Everyone knows how to do a basic lion face, but elevate it to the next level with this beautiful look. Leave the three whiskers on each cheek look to the kids.

    #7. Mystique

    Are you a fan of X-Men? Show how much of a fan you are this Halloween with this look! Just so long as you don’t mind getting some blue body paint on.

    #8. Vampire

    One of the more classic Halloween dress up choices. Up your vampire costume this year with a more exaggerated makeup look.

    #9. Black & White Dame

    Anyone can dress up as an old Hollywood starlet. Take it to the next level by transforming yourself into an actual grayscale black & white character as if you’ve just jumped out of an old movie screen!

    #10. Trippy Double Vision

    No, the photo below is not photoshopped. Everything you see on her face is actual makeup! Freak out your friends and family with this look if you’ve got the patience to recreate it!

    #11. Ventriloquist Doll

    Want to look creepy but still kind of cute this Halloween? Try this ventriloquist doll look! All you need is a eyeshadow, lipstick and a few shades of eyeliner.

    #12. Rainbow Vomit

    Ah yes, the iconic Snapchat filter — probably one of the most well known ones, next to the doggy filter of course. If you’ve always wanted to bring this filter to life, recreate the look this Halloween!

    #13. Harley Quinn

    After “Suicide Squad” came out last year, Harley Quinn was one of the most popular costumes last Halloween. Bring it back this year with candy colored pigtails, eyeshadow and red lipstick.

    #14. Headless Woman

    Once again, no photoshop, the below photo’s effects are all thanks to makeup! Turn your head into a headless one by strategically painting black paint onto your neck!

    #15. Wednesday Addams

    Your favorite girl from the Addams family. Transform yourself into her with some black lipstick, white face makeup and black eyeliner.

    #16. Davie Bowie

    Sing your heart out to “Ziggy Stardust” at this year’s Halloween karaoke with this look. All you need to create that super sharp thunder bolt is some makeup and Scotch tape! The trick is to outline the shape with the tape.

    #17. Pixelated

    Create pixels on your face with a flat edge brush. Wipe down with it to create the perfect box shaped pixels and voila, you’re an 8-bit character!

    #18. Cracked Porcelain Doll

    This one’s one of the easier ones. Apply some classic doll makeup and then place some black “cracks” around your face using black eyeliner.

    #19. American Horror Story: Asylum

    Are you a fan of “American Horror Story”? Then you’ll love this look! All you need to recreate it is black eyeliner, white face paint and liquid latex.

    #20. Scarecrow

    Draw on faux freckles, an orange nose and some messy stitch marks to recreate this scarecrow look! Pair it with any of your flannel shirts and you’re good to go.

    #21. Lace Face

    For a more simple Halloween look, try this lace one out! All you need to do is place a piece of spare lace onto your face and then apply eyeshadow through it. You’ll instantly have an ethereal look that you can use for a fairy costume or as a stand-alone.

    #22. Poison Ivy

    Want to be a super villain this Halloween? Slay with this gorgeous Poison Ivy look. Make sure to have a friend or date dressed up as Batman next to you!

    #23. Woodland Fairy

    A subtle makeup look that’s topped off with some fabulous butterfly brows! The look will be best paired with a warm red wig but it can ultimately go with any hair color!

    #24. Betty Boop

    Another relatively easy look to recreate. Transform yourself into Betty with some dark eyebrows, deep red glossy lips and heavy black liner.

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  • He Quit His Job, Sold His Possessions, And Now Travels With The Cat Who Rescued Him.


    Most people believe that when you adopt an animal from a shelter you're doing them a favor. While you are saving them from a life of uncertainty, they're rescuing you, as well. When you fall in love with an animal, they become your best friend, a part of your family. They're there for you when you're sad, making sure they lick the tears from your face. When you feel lonely, your animal companion assures you always have someone to talk to. Even at your lowest point, the love you have for them could be the only thing keeping you going. Richard, from Australia, knows exactly how it feels to have an animal friend come into his life at the perfect time. Now, the two of them are living a life of adventure!

    Richard, and his feline companion, Willow, have been in each other's lives for quite a while.

    They met through Richard's ex-girlfriend, when Willow was only two years old. She had adopted him from a shelter in Tasmania.

    But it was Richard who Willow took an interest in. Willow began following Richard around like a little shadow, keeping him company when he felt lonely.

    After the couple broke up, Richard's ex couldn't keep Willow anymore, and asked Richard if he could take her.

    Richard didn't think twice about it. He agreed to take care of Willow for the rest of her life.

    Soon after getting Willow, Richard made a huge decision. He quit the corporate job he had been working for ten years, and sold all of his possessions!

    Richard packed the things he still owned into a van, and hit the road with his best friend, Willow!

    Since they began traveling together in 2014, they've visited every state and territory in Australia!

    Richard knew that when he took responsibility for Willow it was a lifelong commitment, so he learned to make it work. And the two of them couldn't be happier!

    "The little black adventure cat… really took a chance when she rescued me. The little cat who has made my van into a home and the whole of Australia her backyard."

    Love Meow

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  • 35 Award-Winning Wedding Photos That Will Give You All The Feels.


    They say one photo is worth a thousand words, but these wedding images are so award-winning and shocking that they really take home the wedding cake. We already know that just about anything can happen at a wedding, so you have to learn to expect the unexpected. But a sight known as Fearless Photographers, released a collection of 204 images that celebrate wedding photos from all over the world, and while we can't show you all of them, these 35 photos are definitely going to entice you to take a look at the entire collection. Once you take a gander you'll agree that these photos redefine the concept of wedding photography, and are just too amazing to pass up.

    When they told this groom to take the plunge, he took it way too literally, and showed us the moon.

    So, this guy might just be the ring bear and not the groom, but at least he gets to hold Precious for a bit.

    They say some marriages are for the birds, but these two are simply covered in feathers.

    That epic moment when the bride and groom witness their perfect day about to come crashing a tier at a time.

    Hanging with man's best friends is the ultimate way to say goodbye to that bachelor status you've hung on to.

    Surviving a bird attack like a Hitchcock movie is such a great start to a marriage for these two.

    Happily ever after often involves running off to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    When the camera captures and immortalizes the most vulnerable emotional moment of a bride's life.

    It was this flower girl's turn to shine, but she wound up sabotaged by this pooch instead.

    When you keep telling yourself you're in control as you read your vows and then boom… waterworks!

    When you get a giggle attack while your new hubby panics cause the ring won't fit your finger.

    That moment when you catch your bride being tossed in the air by her friends and no one invited you.

    The heartbreaking moment when a bride wishes her parents could be there for her wedding.

    Who needs rice thrown at them when they can have fireworks and feel like real winners?

    Our human friends just got married, so when are you going to ask me to marry you?

    You can get her family's blessing, but when you get blessed by the big guy upstairs, a wedding can feel heavenly.

    This photo is adorbs because there's always time to have a drink before the wedding.

    They told you to take the plunge, but now you realize that marriage is more like a cliffhanger.

    Marriage is a lot like this couple on a bridge with a turbulent river in the backdrop, but love conquers all.

    For these two, the stairway to happily ever after begins with this journey up the steps.

    The moment you realize you're marrying the man you love but your mom or grams is your true soul mate.

    Marriage is like a show on Broadway and the spotlight's on you, so get ready to give it your all.

    Sometimes you feel like you're the only two people in the world after you say your "I Do's".

    Brides aren't the only ones who cry at weddings, and this mom's thinking "Courage son, courage!"

    Can you see anything, cause I've just been blinded by all this rice everyone's throwing at us.

    Some weddings are so romantic that they inspire the next generation to dream about tomorrow.

    This bride feels like a queen as her bridesmaids help her untangle her wedding veil.

    This groom would do anything to make his bride happy, even if that means losing a food cake fight.

    So, this is how I'll feel after we spend our first night together on our honeymoon.

    These kids don't get what the big deal is about getting married when being young and single is so much fun.

    Let's toast to the bride and groom's happily ever after… or at least a good five years.

    That moment when he kisses your collar bone and you realize once again why you love him so much.

    When you're trying to stay nice and dry on your rainy wedding day, but dad just broke the umbrella.

    As you fall apart in the middle of your speech, and your man dries your tears right up like the prince he is.

    That moment when you give your chronically single friends hope that they'll be next to get married.

    Huffington Post,
    Fearless Photographers

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  • These Veterans Are Here To Tell You What’s Really Happening In Puerto Rico Right Now


    If you’re just listening to what the federal government is saying, you might be under the impression that relief in Puerto Rico is going well.

    Puerto Rico recently experienced complete devastation at the hands of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, and the people who live there are full American citizens. Unlike the responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the mainland U.S., relief efforts have been slow and ineffective. Some of the help we’re told is ongoing includes providing food to families affected and beginning to rebuild. But what’s really happening?

    A team of twelve veterans is volunteering their time to help Puerto Rico, and they have a lot to say about what they’re seeing on the ground.

    From food quantities to quality, these veterans are wondering what the holdup is when it comes to helping the Puerto Ricans they see every day.

    Twitter / @Lucian

    They also dispute reports that the Puerto Rican officials and National Guard aren’t doing their best. They’re helping families every day, but supplies have run short.

    Twitter / @Lucian

    Ultimately, they’re committed to their mission and are begging that the red tape be cut so supplies can be distributed.

    Twitter / @Lucian

    It’s important that we know what’s actually happening in Puerto Rico so we can best help our fellow citizens. If you want to follow what this team of veterans is doing each day, @Lucian on Twitter is updating regularly.

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  • Here’s The Gross Thing Every Parent Needs To Watch Out For This Halloween


    Halloween is a scary time of year.

    Everyone’s decorating with spooky decorations and getting ready to scare their neighbors with their costumes. It’s super exciting for children who get to dress up and have some of that sweet Halloween candy. While most parents are concerned about checking their kids’ candy for issues, there’s another health risk that comes around this time of year that every mom and dad should know about.

    Doctors see a huge jump in head lice during this time of year. With people trying on wigs and costumes in the store, that makes sense.

    After all, there’s no telling how many people have tried it on before you decide to take a costume home.

    Putting costumes and wigs in an airtight plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing it is the easiest way to kill lice.

    You can also put dryer-friendly items on high heat for 45 minutes before wearing, or wear swim and wig caps for extra protection. Learn more below.


    FOX 8

    Halloween is supposed to be fun, so keep these creepy crawlies away from you and your family and enjoy your holiday!


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  • Most Burglars Want To Get In And Out Fast. This Guy Took His Time (And Made Dinner)


    If I know one thing about thieves, it’s that they’re trying to get something and get out before they get caught.

    Waiting around while robbing someone is just asking to be caught. If someone hears or becomes suspicious, the police are just a phone call away.

    When Nelly’s Taqueria in New York was robbed, however, they decided to take a look at the surveillance footage. The camera didn’t capture the robber’s face, but it did show them something totally strange.

    The robber made himself dinner! And cleaned up afterward, because when the owner arrived in the kitchen the next day, it was completely spotless. Check out the story below.


    Youtube / Inside Edition

    Everyone’s got to eat, I guess? Here’s hoping this thief doesn’t try to pull something like this again and is caught soon.

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