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  • 28 Clueless People Who Really Thought They Met Celebrities.


    It's not every day you get to meet a celebrity. And let's face it, we all get a little star struck sometimes. How can a person not when they run into someone famous? Unfortunately, some "star struck" people jump to conclusions before actually confirming whether or not the person before their eyes are really who they think they are. In some of these situations, it's understandable if the imposter really does have a striking resemblance to the celebrity. Other situations, however, are just completely unforgivable. Check out some of the lookalike celebrities below.

    #1. This guy thought he met George Lucas at the Star Wars Celebration.

    It’s definitely the appropriate setting to meet Mr. Lucas, but sorry this is not the man you think he is.

    #2. When Tom Cruise buys food from your store in Thailand, what do you do?

    Take a photo with him and post it up on your restaurant for everyone else to see (of course).

    #3. When you think Tupac has been dead this whole time.

    And then you walk into a barbershop and find out he’s been in hiding as a barber this entire time.

    #4. It's not often you get to run into a celebrity at a party.

    This is not one of the rare times that someone has. Sorry dude, that is not Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    #5. Nothing better than spotting Danny DeVito in a random crowd for a photo.

    This isn’t Danny DeVito but he might be a distant cousin of some sort.

    #6. Spotted enjoying a T-Bone steak in Denver, Colorado: Vin Diesel.

    Good thing this guy only admired from afar and didn’t ask for an actual photo.

    #7. What are the odds that you run into not just one but TWO celebrities?!

    Dave Chappelle AND Michael Douglas? This is too good to be true (and it is).

    #8. She stopped this man for a photo because she thought he was Hannibal Buress.

    But you have to admit, this man does have a striking similarity. At first glance, others would probably mistaken him for Buress as well.

    #9. This bus passenger thought they ran into James Corden in Austria.

    However, we think we can confidently say it’s very unlikely that James Corden would be on the bus.

    #10. When your mom thinks she met Peter Jackson.

    We don’t blame her. Directors don’t get much screen time, so they can be hard to point out in a crowd.

    #11. When you enter a festival with a sign of Larry David and then MEET Larry David inside the festival!

    Because yeah Larry David accidentally ended up at Bonnaroo somehow. Pretty similar, but not quite.

    #12. When your sister is convinced that the guy working at a sandwich shop in Canada is Martin Starr.

    But why would he be here and not on the set of “Silicon Valley”?

    #13. It's always nice running into actors from "The Walking Dead."

    It’s so great to see Abraham is doing so well. He definitely needs to do some beard trimming though.

    #14. He thought he ran into John Legend in Paris.

    Well that must have been momentarily exciting for him. We wonder how heartbroken he was when he found out the guy in the photo wasn’t Mr. Legend.

    #15. Someone's dad thought he met Woody Harrelson on his flight.

    But the Woody Harrelson lookalike must have thought he met Guy Fieri!

    #16. It's not every day you get to meet someone as historically legendary as Benjamin Franklin.

    Hopefully, whoever took this photo got their $100 bill autographed by him.

    #17. What's Guy Fieri doing in DisneyWorld?

    We almost didn’t recognize him without his flame-graphic shirt.

    #18. She legit thought she met Kid Rock.

    How dare the people surrounding her not tell her otherwise.

    #19. If Chris Hemsworth says this dude is Robert Downey Jr then it has to be him, right?

    Why else would be be asking him for some health tips and conversing with him about the upcoming Avengers?

    #20. Hugh Hefner at a Texas Roadhouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    He’s in a purple robe with a pipe in his mouth? That’s GOTTA be him then, no doubt.

    #21. You know nothing, Jon Snow!

    Well apparently this dude knows nothing, because THAT is NOT Jon Snow.

    #22. Wow these girls are so lucky that they got to get a picture with Drake!

    Did we say lucky? We meant to say foolish because they got played by this lookalike!

    #23. We do admit this man does look just as handsome as Jake Gyllenhaal.

    However, this man is definitely not Jake. Nice try though. Maybe pull up a photo of him on google next time before jumping to conclusions.

    #24. Omg, Blake Shelton is that really you?

    No, but this just might be Blake’s long lost twin brother.

    #25. Some girls just have all the luck.

    Like these three for successfully asking for and taking a photo with a man who is not Rod Stewart.

    #26. Sometimes when you're the one being mistaken for the celeb, you just gotta accept it.

    Because it’s a pretty great feeling that you’ll probably never experience again.

    #27. Did Ryan Reynolds leave Hollywood?

    Because apparently he’s found a new passion in working for amusement parks.

    #28. And then there's that one time this dude shared a beer with young Abraham Lincoln.

    You gotta admit, this is probably how Abraham looked in his earlier years.

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  • Dad Builds Amazing Two-Story Playhouse For His Daughters.


    When you're a parent, there's nothing better than seeing your children smile from complete happiness. Your children are what you live for and you would do anything to ensure that they're happy. That could mean watching Frozen twelve times in one day while wearing matching Elsa costumes. It could mean skipping out on date night to spend an exciting evening at Chuck E Cheese. It could mean reading the same story every night because it keeps the bad dreams away. This father went above the call of parental duty to bring everlasting smiles to his daughter's faces in an incredibly impressive way.

    Adam Boyd, from Highland, Michigan, should win the father of the year award!

    Adam is the proud father of two little girls, Avery and Violet. He spent the last year of his life building a magical place for his children to play.

    What was only supposed to be a simple playhouse, turned into something much bigger.

    Adam is the founder of the remodeling company, ATB Building. He put his unbelievable skills to use and built a playhouse that anybody would be happy to live in.

    He wasn't expecting the playhouse to look like a house that could be found in any residential neighborhood.

    “I got to a point where I just asked myself, ‘Why stop now?'” Adam explained. “I wanted to do something special, something they would be proud of and one day tell their friends that their dad built this for them.”

    The outside of the playhouse has so much for the girls to do!

    The girls can have an adventure climbing their rock wall or crossing the bridge into another land of imagination. They can also play on the swings or slide, or have a picnic on their loft.

    The inside of the playhouse is absolutely perfect for little girls.

    It comes complete with lighting fixtures, kitchen supplies, and hardwood floors. Adam did a great job picking out all of the furniture for their perfect playhouse.

    His daughter Avery got to help him build it, too!

    She picked up trash, swept floors, and even got to do some painting. “It gave me some daddy-daughter time and I was able to teach her my skills, and that was pretty cool,” said Adam.

    While Adam was building it, he wasn't sure how his daughters were going to react after it was all done.

    “I didn’t really know how Avery and Violet were going to react. I didn’t know if they were going to use it, or if it was just going to be a really nice pink office for my business,” said Adam.

    As it turns out, the girls are in love with it!

    They play in their playhouse almost every single day. A lot of the time Adam and his wife join them outside, but they provide the pizza!

    Adam's playhouse has received plenty of media attention.

    He posted pictures of the playhouse on Facebook, and has gotten requests from others asking him to build a playhouse for their children, as well. The requests have inspired Adam to start Spoiled Rotten Homes, a company that will build lavish playhouses for children.

    Even though Adam loves his work, he encourages others to do the work themselves.

    “If people want to build one themselves, go for it. It’s been a very rewarding experience, from building it with my daughters to playing in it with them, it’s all been great,” said Adam.


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  • Colorado Hikers Rescue Dog Who Was Stuck On Mountain For 6 Weeks.


    If you're the proud companion of an animal, this story will surely pull at your heartstrings. As a pet owner, you know that animals aren't just a possession, they're a part of your family. They bring a certain something to your life that can't be found anyplace else. If your beloved fur baby were to get lost, you would do absolutely anything in your power to make sure that they were found. Recently, this pet owner found himself in this very scary situation. Even though he wasn't sure if he'd ever see his loved one ever again, he didn't give up hope. Eventually, he got some wonderful news!

    While scrolling through Facebook, Trinity Smith and Sean Nichols stumbled across a heartbreaking post.

    They were on a local Facebook page for enthusiasts of 14ers, a group of people that are fans of mountain peaks that exceed 14,000 feet, when they saw a post asking for the type of help that they could provide. They knew they had to do something.

    While scrolling through Facebook, Trinity Smith and Sean Nichols stumbled across a heartbreaking post.

    Sean Nichols

    The post had stated that someone had heard a dog crying on top of Mt. Bross.

    Trinity decided to take the task of finding the scared pup in her own hands. On Thursday, she set out on her mission.

    The post had stated that someone had heard a dog crying on top of Mt. Bross.

    Larry Osborne

    Although she heard the dog's cries, she couldn't help her at the time.

    Trinity knew that she couldn’t get the dog by herself. It was starting to get dark, and the climb would’ve been too dangerous for her to make alone.

    Although she heard the dog's cries, she couldn't help her at the time.

    Sean Nichols

    Trinity knew it was in her best interest to recruit some help.

    On Friday morning, Trinity and Sean headed back up the mountain. They spent hours calling for the lost dog.

    Trinity knew it was in her best interest to recruit some help.

    Larry Osborne

    Eventually, the dog stopped responding to their calls.

    Sean had continued climbing in order to try to hear for the dog. Finally, the dog let out a small bark.

    Eventually, the dog stopped responding to their calls.

    Larry Osborne

    After hours of searching, Sean got to the pup.

    He was able to get to the large rock she was on and slide down the slopes with her on his lap. What a relief that must have been!

    After hours of searching, Sean got to the pup.

    Larry Osborne

    The dog, whose name is Chloe, had been missing for six long weeks.

    When Trinity and Sean got back to town, they went to a local pet store to get the hungry pup some much needed food. Chloe’s owner had heard the fantastic news and immediately rushed to the store to meet up with the brave people who rescued their dog.

    The dog, whose name is Chloe, had been missing for six long weeks.

    Larry Osborne

    Chloe's owner, Larry Osborne, expressed how grateful he was for the rescuers.

    As soon as he said his goodbyes to Trinity and Sean, he took Chloe to the vet. In the time she was gone, she went from 85 pounds to 26 pounds, and was in desperate need of veterinary attention.

    Chloe's owner, Larry Osborne, expressed how grateful he was for the rescuers.

    Larry Osborne

    Larry is extremely happy to have his best friend back home.

    He said that she’s recovering nicely, but still has a ways to go. This story just goes to show that even though social media causes a lot of drama, it does a lot of good, as well!

    Larry is extremely happy to have his best friend back home.

    Larry Osborne


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  • This Truly Stupid Thing That’s Making People Mad Will Have You Rolling Your Eyes


    People say that others are too sensitive nowadays and get outraged too easily.

    There’s a lot going on in the world that’s actually outrageous, though, so a lot of the time this point of view falls flat. When we see bad things going on, even when they seem small, we should say something in order to make a change. I’ll be the first to admit, however, that some people are just stupid.

    Just ask Crayola. They recently made a change to their color offerings, and boy did people have opinions.

    Crayola announced that the yellowish Dandelion crayon would no longer be part of their boxes in March. They determined it would be replaced with a bright blue color.

    They ran a poll among their users with five names for the new color: Bluetiful, Blue Moon Bliss, Dreams Come Blue, Reach for the Stars and Star Spangled Blue.

    “Bluetiful” was chosen as the new, punny name with 40 percent of the vote. Some people with a little too much time on their hands had things to say about the new name online.

    Some took issue with what the portmanteau is teaching kids.

    Twitter / @julie_loiseau

    Others thought it would be confusing.

    Twitter / @natycakes_xo

    Fortunately, cooler heads were there to appreciate the change.

    Twitter / @DavidRWilson1

    “In Kindergarten we teach nonsense words because they are important for learning to read,” Catherine Baublitz, a kindergarten teacher in Atlanta, told CNN. “Nonsense words are parts of whole words. (They) help with learning syllables and help to build confidence in decoding.”

    (via CNN)

    This isn’t exactly the debate of the century. The fact that people can get mad about something so small is part of what makes humanity “bluetiful” I guess.

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  • An Older Man Put Money Into Her Son’s Pocket. What He Said After Left Mom In Tears.


    For many parents, watching a stranger approach their little ones in public can be a bit scary.

    The sad reality is that children aren’t safe with just anyone, but as one mom learned from a kind older man she’d never met before, there are plenty of good people left in this world who only have the sweetest of intentions when it comes to kids.

    When Alyssa Hacker recently took her son, Owen, to a Target store, the little boy greeted the man as he was passing by. She was nervous at first, but by the time the man went on his way, Owen was left with a $20 bill and she was in tears.

    The reason why the man felt such a connection with the little boy is equally heartbreaking and touching. Read Hacker’s experience as she tells it below.

    This momma just cried in the middle of Target. We were at Target waiting on Grammi and we found some dinosaurs. Owen grabbed all 3 and we were trying to pick out which one he wanted when Owen abruptly yelled “HI” at this older man walking past us. He turned around and said “hey sweet boy” he proceeded to play dinosaurs with Owen and with this crazy world we live in I was a little hesitant as to how close he was with Owen. The man got his wallet out and pulled a $20 out, he put it in Owen’s pocket on his shirt and said “I just lost my 2 year old grandson last week. You take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs” and rubbed Owen’s back, wiped his tears and walked off. After Owen yelled “thank you” the gentleman turned around and yelled boomer sooner! There is still some good in this world.

    Now I’m tearing up, too. I can’t imagine the pain this man is in after losing his precious grandson, but here’s hoping that he found comfort in brightening up both Owen’s and Hacker’s day.

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  • The Reason This Heartbroken Dad’s Seven-Year-Old Son Contemplates Suicide Is Tragic


    Going to school is rough for any kid who’s being bullied.

    Unfortunately, children with disabilities and rare conditions are often targeted the most. Part of the reason why is that bullies simply don’t understand what it’s like to be in those kids’ shoes. That’s why one dad is pleading with parents to educate their children.

    Dan Bezzart’s seven-year-old son, Jackson, has Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic condition that affects development of some bones and tissues in the face, causing facial deformities.

    Because of his unique looks, Jackson has had to put up with a lot of bullying from his classmates. It’s gotten so bad that at seven years old, he’s considered suicide.

    Bezzart is heartbroken to say the least about the way his son is being treated. All he wants is for parents to talk to their children about how to treat people with different conditions and disabilities. Read what he has to say below.

    My heart is in pieces right now…my soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest…this beautiful young man my son Jackson has to endure a constant barrage of derogatory comments and ignorance like I’ve never witnessed. He is called ugly and freak and monster on a daily basis by his peers at school. He talks about suicide…he’s not quite 8! He says he has no friends and everyone hates him. Kids throw rocks at him and push him shouting these horrific words…please please take a minute and imagine if this were your child. Take a minute to educate your children about special needs. Talk to them about compassion and love for our fellow man. His condition is called Treacher Collins. Maybe even look it up. He’s endured horrific surgery and has several more in the coming years. Anyway…I could go on…but please educate your children. Please…share this. This shouldn’t be happening…to anyone.

    If you’d like to help spread awareness about being kind, consider sharing Jackson’s story with all the parents in your life. Hate is something that’s taught, but the good news is that compassion’s taught as well.

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  • Plenty Of Teachers Decorate Their Classrooms, But What This One Did Is Truly Magical


    Many of us grew up reading the “Harry Potter” novels in school, but how amazing would have been if we got to go to Hogwarts ourselves?

    That’s exactly what the seventh and eighth graders in Kyle Hubler’s class in Hillsboro, Oregon, were greeted with when they went back to school this year. Like most other middle school teachers, Hubler decorated his classroom before school started back up, but the Harry Potter fan really outdid himself with a Hogwarts-themed paradise.

    In a project that took around 70 hours to complete, Hubler wrote acceptance letters to his students, similar to those the fictional Hogwarts students received before going to school.

    He also decorated every inch of his classroom to look like it belongs in the Harry Potter world, including the hallway outside his front door and even his office!

    When the students saw, they were amazed. “I heard audible gasps and saw jaws drop to the floor,” Hubler told the Huffington Post. “They were scrambling around the room to inspect every little detail and were excitedly showing their peers what they discovered.”

    “I really love what I do, and I love the students I get to work with. I want them to feel like my class is a place they are excited about going to and to have fun learning,” he said. Check out his entire classroom below!

    (via Daily Mail)

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but now I kind of wish I was back in middle school. The world really needs more dedicated and passionate teachers like Mr. Hubler…or should I say Professor Hubler?

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  • He Stepped On Something At The Beach. What It Ended Up Being Was So Special


    After a wedding is over, the pictures are there to remind us of the special occasion.

    My parents had a wedding book of photos that they really cherished, and I loved looking at it as a kid. Not everyone can afford a professional photographer, but nowadays cameras are so advanced that almost anyone can take over in a pinch.

    That’s what high school sweethearts Heather and Kole decided to do for their beach wedding, but things didn’t turn out quite as planned.

    They placed their camera down for a moment on top of a sea wall, only to see it swept away moments later.

    They thought their memories would have to stay forever in their minds, but two months later something amazing happened.

    Alex Noble and his girlfriend, Maria, stepped on the camera while walking on the beach. Everyone thought the contents would be destroyed.

    Against all odds, they were able to save 172 pictures! Check out the whole story in the video below.


    Youtube / Inside Edition

    This is so incredible! That newlywed couple must be so grateful to their new friends.

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